MCM Has Unveiled A New Exhibit At Milan Design Week

Emma Hodgson   |   19-04-2024

The luxury German house MCM has revealed a fabulous new collection as part of Milan Design Week. 

The house is currently showcasing the pieces at the 17th-century Palazzo Cusani, offering a daring exploration of design, spotlighting the MCM Wearable Casa Collection conceived by Atelier Biagetti and curated by Maria Cristina Didero.

 “The MCM Wearable Casa collection defines how we will live – physically and digitally together, in a more sustainable way,” explains Sung-joo Kim, Chairperson of the MCM Group. 

“It’s a unique concept of wearing and dwelling that imparts multiple values to consumers, leading them toward a more sustainable and healthier way of living. We (MCM) have chosen Atelier Biagetti because of its unique disruptive attitude towards the world of design; its approach to creativity is nurtured by everyday life and our brand wants to talk about everyday life. Atelier Biagetti is far from the classic design studios, most of its projects deal with surprising performances, unpredictable videos, uncommon objects, which we really feel close to the MCM. ”,  Kim continues.

Through the establishment of playful associations and thought-provoking visual short-circuits, MCM Wearable Casa Collection pioneers an unconventional reinterpretation of the zeitgeist diving into the house’s heritage as well as design references, to create objects fitting into our futuristic lifestyle. 

Portable and multifunctional, the 7 pieces from MCM Wearable Casa Collection bring together the unruly approach of last century’s Bauhaus functionality and spirit to the contemporary nomadic attitude, perfectly fitting the German brand, originally founded in Munich, in 1976 –  born out of a time of transition, in a place where traditions were being broken.

“The feeling we want to recreate is something you have never seen before, a place in between past, present and future. An experience to live and discover a new world in a subjective view like a videogame. The exhibition is conceived as a hybrid space, with two sides and ways to enter: reality and metaverse, so that you can enjoy the experience even remotely. It is an exhibition which lives out and after itself, making Palazzo Cusani’s rooms an extension to another world, where everything becomes magic and infinite, and where even avatars could wear the objects”, add Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari of Atelier Biagetti.

This metaverse world, designed by Atelier Biagetti with Vitruvio Virtual Reality, is a place where each object of the collection becomes magic, changing its function, materials, and sizes and embracing the idea of no boundaries. Guests can virtually wear a total look by MCM and explore and interact with the environment in a sort of virtuoso game where it is possible also to understand the concept behind the design objects and follow unexpected paths discovering levels, and attachments to retrieve a special NFT exclusively dedicated to this experience and to those will become part of the MCM Wearable Casa community.