Unique Exhibitions to Visit in Alserkal Avenue this July

Hayley Kadrou   |   07 - 07 - 2019

If you’re planning to visit the cultural hub this July in a bid to escape the sun, here are some of the best art exhibitions taking place in Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue not to miss.


Portraits Exhibition
Until July 30th


Located in the Showcase Gallery (warehouse 35) this exhibition, unsurprisingly, focuses on the art of portraiture painting. Artists featured include Iskra Shahaj who uses primarily oil paint to create textured self-portraits, Olivia Pendergast whose art reflects her experience and daily life living in Nairobi and Dubai-based artist Victor Sitali who says his voice is heard by the work of his hands after becoming hearing impaired at the age of three.


I Will See It, When I Believe It
Until July 31st


Located in The Third Line gallery (warehouse 78/80) this is a group exhibition that serves to question what the mind thinks it already knows. The artists featured in the exhibition – such as Abbas Akhavan, Farhad Moshiri, Hayv Kahraman, Laleh Khorramian, Rana Begum, Slavs and Tatars and Sophia Al Maria – use a liminal state of perception to question what is presented in the world as fact.


Life Happens Exhibition 
Until September 8th


Marking FN Designs’ 10th anniversary, the gallery is holding an exhibition over the summer featuring local artists focusing around the Year of Tolerance that is taking place in Dubai. The exhibition is a celebration of the art that has been displayed there over the last decade that showcases talent, values and morals of people from all over the globe.


The Gloomiest Sunset in the World
Until September 10th


In his new series, artist Amir Khojaesteh takes influence from the likes of Georg Baselitz, Willem de Kooning or Edvard Munch to create neo-expressionist pieces with a satirical edge. Focusing on the re-immerging of classical portraiture painting, he takes real characters and figures and recreates them with obvious absurdity.



From the Portraits exhibition in Alserkal Avenue’s Showcase Gallery



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