Attractions Opening in Dubai in 2019 We Can’t Wait to Visit

Hayley Kadrou   |   02 - 06 - 2019

If you’ve exhausted all the major existing attractions in the Emirate when relatives come to visit or for those active weekends with the children, then here are some of the newcomers that should be arriving in 2019.


There is so much to do in Dubai. From visiting the ever-expanding list of restaurants serving up cuisine from all over the world, to soaking up the sun and taking in the views along the coastlines to stimulating the mind at many of the Emirates museums, galleries and attractions.


And if your preferred pastime falls into the latter category, then here are some of the new attractions said to be coming to Dubai for 2019.


Meghan Markle wax work in London's Madame Tussaurds. Credit: Instagram/madametussauds

Meghan Markle waxwork in London’s Madame Tussauds. Credit: Instagram/madametussauds


Madame  Tussauds


There’s long been a rumour that the waxwork exhibition would make its way over to the region. And now, it’s being mused that the museum, first established in London in 1835, will open its door on Bluewaters Island in late 2019.


Mohammed bin Rashid Library


Here’s the news the will prick up the ears of bookworms in the region. Not only will the new seven-storey library hold approximately 4.5 million books from all over the world, but has been designed in the shape of a rehal, a stand used to place the Holy Quran during readings.


Cityland Mall


Don’t let the name of this new mall trick you; rather than feeling like you’re emersed in city life, a visit to this newcomer will be inspired by nature. The design is created by those who madeDubai’s Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden


Dubai Stars 


Development giants Emaar – the company behind iconic structures such as The Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall – previously announced plans to create a similar tourist attraction in the region to mirror Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. To kick start the project, a social media campaign will request nominations for the first 400 names of famous people from across the globe to be immortalised in the designs.


The Dubai Walk Of Fame with outshine Hollywood's own by increasing the number of stars fourfold.

The Dubai Walk Of Fame with outshine Hollywood’s own by increasing the number of stars fourfold. Credit: Instagram/heitocarrer



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