Versace Unveils “If These Walls Could Talk” At The Salone Del Mobile In Milan

Emma Hodgson   |   18-04-2024

Versace has opened the doors to its original Milan home and design Atelier at Palazzo Versace, Via Gesù 12, to showcase the latest Versace Home collection during Salone del Mobile as part of  Milan Design Week.

The new exhibition offers insight into some of the many rich cultural and design stories of the Palazzo via a bespoke audio experience titled, “Versace Home: If These Walls Could Talk”.

According to the house, Entering Palazzo Versace offers an “immersion into the full Versace lifestyle. Rooms are curated into living, dining, and sleeping areas, each fully decorated in the Versace Home 2024 collection”. 

This then extends to the central courtyard where a glass house is erected with Versace Ceramics Gemstone flooring. The furniture collection, produced and distributed by Luxury Living Group, centres on Versace’s signature design codes. Now iconic symbols of the House, the Medusa, Barocco, and Greca were all designed and developed within the studios of Palazzo Versace, and many are seen for the first time at fashion shows taking place in the Palazzo’s central courtyard and are presented here across furniture, lighting, textiles and more. 

The Medusa ’95 and Greca feature two rounded chairs and deep, expansive sofas crafted in options of leather or chenille featuring the Barocco motif. The Barocco carries through across designs including tableware from the Rosenthal meets Versace collection. Polished metal in the colour of Versace gold is treated to feel fluid as the backs and arms of chairs, or strong and solid as the bordering edge of coffee tables. The collection’s standout piece is the Medusa ’95 Conversation Sofa, a design that is unmistakably Versace in its exaggerated, lavish scale, and inviting comfort. Recalling a large bed, the sofa is an island of relaxation that features fine leather trim details, surrounding chenille Barocco reclining cushions, and options of indoor or outdoor leathers.

The exhibition runs from April 17 to 21 for Salone del Mobile and is open to the public through limited pre-registration at