Need For Speed: A&E Reviews Aston Martin’s New Vantage

Lindsay Judge   |   02-02-2021

We discover the latest chapter in a generation of a sporting icon.


The Aston Martin Vantage has been an icon of the automotive industry for decades and a key part of the history of the British car manufacturer. The most successful model in Aston Martin’s history, it was first developed back in 1951 when it was presented as a high-output engine option of the DB2 and has since been reinvented many times over the last six decades.



From the iconic 1977 V8 Vantage to the 2009 sporty V12 Vantage, it has become legendary and a favourite of car collectors and sports-car-lovers. The new Vantage was introduced in 2018 and has redefined the model with a bold new look and intensified performance and dynamics. Elegant yet modern this chic two-door sports car combines performance and style, offering a drive you won’t forget in a hurry. Each element of the design has been carefully optimised to serve a specific purpose and ensure the expert performance expected from Aston Martin. a&e was lucky to review the hyper red shade, offering a 360 experience of aerodynamic performance and luxury driving. A car built for enjoyment, this model continues the story of the Vantage, bringing it into the 21st century and combining, spectacular power, sleek design and the finest in craftsmanship.



Aerodynamic performance was key to the design concept of this car and something that makes it truly stand out for its smooth drive. The front splitter directs airflow underneath the car, where a system of fences channels cooling air where it is needed and also ensures the rear diffusers is fed with clean airflow. This creates an area of low pressure air while preventing turbulence to allow a smooth and fast drive. This, combined with the new side grills, generate a significant level of downforce – a first for a core production Aston Martin model. Balance, strength, rigidity and weight efficiency were all priorities in the new Vantage design, as was handling purity and consistency. The Vantage is powered by Aston Martin’s new alloy, 4-litre twinturbo V8 engine. Set low and far back in the chassis it allows for an optimal centre-of-gravity and perfect 50:50 weight distribution.



This high performance, high-efficiency engine is lightweight, allowing for great acceleration and the sound of the exhaust is music to any car lover’s ears. Detailed tuning of the induction, exhaust and engine management systems has given the Vantage a truly exciting character and sound. Capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in 3.5 seconds and on to a maximum speed of 195mph, it combines a sophisticated suite of integrated electronic systems to offer maximum control and driver enjoyment. The speed-dependent electric power steering has 2.4 turns lock-to-lock for a combination of responsiveness and precise, intuitive control.



For the first time on an Aston Martin, the new Vantage also features an Electronic Rear Differential (E-Diff). This differential is linked to the car’s electronic stability control system, so it can understand the car’s behaviour, and react accordingly to direct the engine’s power to the relevant wheel. At higher speeds, the Electronic Differential’s speed and sensitivity of response enables the system to take very fine control of the car’s dynamic behaviour. It makes the car feel much more composed both in terms of its straight-line stability and its cornering performance, providing the driver with increased levels of confidence to explore and enjoy the car’s capabilities to the full.



Some of the highlights of the car’s chassis include a solidly mounted rear subframe for an enhanced feeling of direct connection for the driver, new Pirelli P Zero tyres developed specifically for new Vantage and the latest generation Adaptive Damping System which incorporates Skyhook technology and offers the choice of Sport, Sport Plus and the must-try Track modes which allow the driver to experience the true potential of this car and it’s driving power. These three driving experiences allow the driver to experience the true power and excitement of this car. Inside the car, there is a minimal yet stylish driver-focused design which consists of a functional cockpit-style that’s both dynamic and sporty. This car was clearly designed to be driven and doesn’t compromise on gimmicks or over-complicated gadgets and details. Rather it’s about sharp, focused lines that offer a stronger design that reflects the aggressive nature of the car and a full leather interior is both elegant and sophisticated.


The attention to detail is impeccable with details stitching on the leather interiors and a high level of craftsmanship throughout all aspects of the design. A lower seating position for both the driver and the passenger creates a sportier driving experience, as well as gaining space inside the car, especially when it comes to the headroom which is significantly more than the previous Vantage models. A combination of rotary and toggle style controls have been used for their tactile and intuitive functionality and the PRND transmission buttons have been moved into a triangular formation to cluster major controls into clearly defined zones.


While the space is not huge, there is generous storage space both in the boot with 350-litre boot space, as well as room behind the seats with generous double-tier storage areas. True to the DNA of the brand, the Vantage features a high level of craftsmanship, which can be seen in the flawless paintwork, luxurious Alcantara and leather or full leather upholstery and the levels of finish optimised throughout. There is also the option for personalisation of this car through several options. These include forged alloy wheels in a variety of finishes, Sports Plus Collection (comprising Sports Plus seats and Sports steering wheel), carbon fibre interior and exterior detailing and a Premium Audio System.


These unique elements make it possible for each owner to make their car completely unique to them. An exciting drive that will leave you with a rush of adrenalin that can only be experienced in the finest of luxury automobiles. The new Vantage is available to order from Aston Martin dealerships throughout the Middle East.