Buthaina Al Zadjali Founder of Bthaina Shares Her Thoughts on The Holy Month of Ramadan

Lindsay Judge   |   19-04-2023

What does Ramadan mean to you?

Ramadan is a special month because it brings families together. It’s also a time for reflection, patience and teaching our children the importance of giving to those in need.


Reflecting on this past year what has been your biggest achievement?

Working on my brand and consistently designing and producing styles that exude exquisite craftsmanship that is available at several retailers is definitely something I’m very proud of.


What is a memory that you have of the Holy Month growing up?

It’s not a specific memory but rather a feeling of love and joy anytime I remember Ramadan as a child.



How will you be spending Eid this year?

This year I’ll be spending Eid in Oman with family and loved ones, attending gatherings and spending quality time with those around me.


Where is your favourite place to travel for the holidays?

Europe! I love immersing myself in the different cultures, heritage and architecture that fill the entire city.


What does it mean to you to celebrate?

It’s important to celebrate, it’s a chance to relax and reflect on our successes and what brings us joy.


What do you hope this year will bring to you?

Good health for my family and more chances to travel!


What is a message you would send to our readers on this special occasion?

Wishing all the readers a Ramadan Kareem. May you and your loved ones be blessed with health, happiness and inner peace.