How To Decorate Your Home This Ramadan

Lindsay Judge   |   05-04-2022

Saudi Arabian homeware brand aura offers top tips for preparing your home for Ramadan.


Ramadan is fast approaching and there is nothing better than immersing yourself in the beautiful ambience of the Holy Month. There are plenty of ways to bring the festive flavour of Ramadan to your home by decorating your space and bringing in the elements of spirituality and tranquillity that the Month of Ramadan represents. Saudi modern home furniture and interior brand, aura, has designed the ultimate guide to ensuring your home perfectly captures this magical spirit.



Upgrade Your Tablescape

Ramadan encourages families and friends to come together for Iftar or Suhoor and there is one crucial aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked: your table should reflect the season’s aesthetic and leave your guests in complete awe. This Ramadan, aura has introduced three stunning dinnerware ranges – LUNAR, FAMIGLIA, and JAMILAH – along with a range of decorative tabletop essentials in various shapes and geometric patterns. Amp up the “wow factor” and opt for the LUNAR range for the ultimate Ramadan mood.



Designed in collaboration with Saudi-based artist Shaker Kashgari, the range features a symbolic representation of the Lunar cycle throughout Ramadan, enhanced by complementary messaging in a modern calligraphic graffiti style. With a modern, Middle Eastern aesthetic, the range is designed in black and white with tasteful hints of gold. Looking for a more quirky and fun option? aura’s FAMIGLIA dinnerware range, designed by emerging artist Layan Al Hamed, reflects the core family values of coming together during the Holy Month, showcasing quirky yet refined cartoon characters in a black and white colour palette with gold motifs.


Festive Lighting



Lights help to create a festive atmosphere that is in tune with the Holy Month. Incorporating fairy lights, decorative lamps, or even traditional lanterns can add warmth and cheer to your space. Opt for aura’s traditional yet modern TAHIRA candleholders designed by budding product and furniture designer, Andréa Abou-Fadel to give your space the ultimate Ramadan feel.



Design tip: Place large lanterns in corners and small lanterns across your table or as centrepieces. Try to mix and match sets of threes or fives for a playful yet chic aesthetic.



It’s all in the decorative details



When it comes to decorative accessories, get creative and think out of the box. Opt for accents that reflect the aesthetic of the Holy Month whilst also matching your personal taste. Think versatile candle holders, a Medkhana (Arabic for incense burner), as well as gorgeous hanging ornaments that include mini crescents and Arabesque geometric shapes for that much-needed Ramadan aesthetic.



Implement the above tips for the perfect Ramadan aesthetic that leaves you and your guests feeling the spirit all month long.


Aura is located at The Dubai Mall, Mercato Shopping Mall and Al Barsha 1 in Dubai, as well as in Panorama Mall, Riyadh and Red Sea Mall, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia