Discover Italy’s Must Visit Holiday Destinations

Lindsay Judge   |   11 - 05 - 2020


As we all start to get cabin fever thanks to the current global crisis we can only dream of better days, when we can get out and explore the world. We can’t tell you when that will be, but what we can tell you is that it will come and we will have you prepared. Italy is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world, so what better place to plan your next getaway.


From skiing in the Alps, a shopping break in Milan, or summers by the sea, Italy really does have it all. Here we discover the most beautiful, vibrant, cultural and colourful places to visit in this inviting country.




Italy’s capital is a living museum. With over three thousand years of history, this breath-taking city will offer you jaw-dropping moments around every corner. Discover the Roman ruins of the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, or grab a traditional gelato from one of the many bustling alleyway shops while taking in the culture around you. Quaint streets provide a maze of historical sites, while quirky shops and cute neighbourhood trattorias are the perfect places to pick up souvenirs, take in the views or watch the world go by.



Visiting Rome is great at any time of year – it’s humid summers are great for sunseekers, while spring and autumn make the perfect time to visit for those who love to walk and explore. Take your time in this slow-paced city to see everything – there’s a surprise around every corner!





This enchanting city has suffered painfully from the floods of the past winter, however, Venice is set to bounce back stronger, as its canals have become cleaner than ever thanks to Italy’s coronavirus lockdown which has resulted in less pollution in the city. So when the world finally starts to get back to normal there will be no better time to visit this cultural city. Being in Venice is like being on the set of a Hollywood movie – nothing will cease to amaze you.



The beauty of the buildings, hopping onto a gondola to cross the road, seeing the traditional Venetian masks on every street corner – everything about it is mystical and inspiring. Venice is also home to many art galleries and incredible architecture. Its Art and Architecture Biennale shoes showcase the artistic talent that this city houses and they attract thousands of visitors from all around the world. This vibrant city is full of romance and magic.






It goes without saying that Italy’s most stylish city would be on this list. Milan is the heart of luxury in Italy and in many people’s opinion, the heart of Italy itself. If you’re a shopping addict you can spend hours upon hours roaming Milan’s streets of luxury stores, from jewellery and watches to fashion and accessories. But this cosmopolitan hub of Italy has so much more to offer than just shopping.



Its vibrant food and drink scene comes alive every evening while the historical buildings including La Scala, the world-famous opera and of course, the city’s iconic Duomo di Milano cathedral are all must-visit attractions. The abundance of art galleries also brings the city’s art and design side alive, while getting a glimpse at Da Vinci’s Last Supper, housed by the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie is an opportunity not to be missed.






Florence is the ultimate destination for those who love art and culture. This picturesque city is the epicentre of Italy’s world of art and architecture as it is the original birthplace of the Renaissance era. Its walls are bursting with galleries, exhibitions and fascinating buildings and designs to be seen, this city feels like one huge museum.



The Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is one of the most impressive pieces of architecture in the world while the city is also home to one of the most famous art galleries in the world; The Uffizi Gallery, which houses some of the most iconic Renaissance art pieces. And once you’re done being a tourist there are thousands of restaurants, cafes and bars to relax in while watching the world go by.






The island of Capri is a summer destination you must add to your bucket list. This small island off the East coast of Italy attracts thousands of tourists every year for both day trips and longer visits and there an several good reasons for its appeal. The scenery around this island is simply stunning and there is only one way to take in the picturesque views and that is by boat.



Glide over the bright blue seas while basking in the warm summer sun. when you get back to shore, head for some of the island’s beach clubs which are filled with Italy’s most stylish over the summer months. Don’t leave without tasting the local cuisine (the Caprese salad is a must, obviously), and enjoying some outdoor time on many of the islands idyllic nature walks.



Mont Blanc de Courmayeur



While we may often think of Italy as a summer destination, it does have some of the best winter ski resorts in Europe. While there are many to choose from you are most likely to find the most stylish crown at Mont Blanc de Courmayeur located in the western Alps. This quaint village is never overcrowded like many neighbouring ski resorts, but it does have everything to offer, from luxury hotels to nightlife, to top-quality skiing experiences.



Courmayeur is popular with the fashion crowd and Milan’s wealthy residents, so expect to see an abundance of Chanel ski boots and Moncler jackets. At the heart of the village, you’ll find Via Roma which is lined with luxury boutiques and cute cafes and shops. Walk along the cobbled streets and take in the peaceful atmosphere before heading to a party later in the evening.



Tuscan Hills



The Tuscan Hills are a must-stop destination whether you are passing through the area or heading there for a relaxing longer stay. Here you will find yourself experiencing the true beauty of rural Italy and the best way to enjoy the experience is by staying in a local bed and breakfast in the heart of vineyards and rolling lush green hills. Here, you will find some of the best home-cooked traditional Italian cuisine using the freshest ingredients.



There are several destinations to choose from including Cortona and its artistic heritage, Montalcino and its thriving art scene, Pienza and it’s beautiful streets and squares and Mentepulcina and its medieval landscape. The options are endless.





Sicily’s incredible beaches and delicious food make it a number one destination for Italians every summer. From secluded sandy inlets to private coves there are endless places for sunseekers to relax and enjoy the fresh Italian air. There is an abundance of seafood restaurants on the coastline offering freshly caught dishes prepared in the traditional Italian way and of course you can’t visit Sicily without trying its desserts and ice cream!



When you’re done with sunbathing and eating head out to the local markets to discover fresh produce and locally made crafts. Sicily is also home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so there is plenty to see and discover while you’re on the island.


Lake Como



This celebrity favourite destination is one of Italy’s most beautiful holiday resorts. Picturesque gardens, floating swimming pools, quaint Medieval towns and of course, miles of glistening blue waters are just waiting to be explored. There are dozens of towns and tiny seaside villages to explore and you’ll nd that many of the smaller ones are less busy with tourists, offering the true Italian experience.



Lake Como is also an incredibly romantic destination, wander the lush green gardens or relax on a private boat tour with your loved one – it’s perfect for those on honeymoon or a Valentine’s Day escape.






The southern Italian region of Puglia is known for its unrivalled cuisine. Here you will experience authentic rustic Italian food, cooked by those who know it best. Puglia is Italy’s home of Olive Oil – over 40 per cent of the country’s Olive oil is produced here – so expect it to be the best. Aside from food, the landscape in the area is stunning. From clifftop views of the sea to lush green gardens, the nature of this region is something to marvel over.


The towns and villages are picture-perfect so expect to get plenty of pictures for Instagram while you’re here. Don’t miss the opportunity of sleeping in a Trullo, the typical conical-roofed structure which has become famous all around the world and led the town of Alberobello becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site. Puglia is also less touristy than many of Italy’s destinations which makes it the perfect place to escape and get some well-deserved rest time.







Pristine beaches combined with five-star luxury make Sardinia a must-visit destination for thousands of international tourists every year. It’s hard to explain the beauty of Sardinia’s beaches unless you’ve seen them for yourself but you will almost certainly find a spot that you fall in love with and want to return year after year, as many visitors do. But aside from the beaches, there’s plenty to do.



Nature reserves and walks through vineyards must be on your to-do list and be sure to explore the historical sites, Roman ruins and castles. Sardinia is also famous for its cheese so if you’re a cheese-lover it’s the place for you, not to mention the famous mini pasta balls, loreghittas and its unique method of pizza making.


Amalfi Coast



The broad area of Amalfi has several towns and areas that are worth visiting so we won’t begin to list them all but the best way to explore the area is to hire a car and travel from town to town, experiencing the best of what this beautiful region has to offer. From the panoramic views of Ravello to the picturesque town of Positano and everything in between, a trip to Amalfi is a true adventure.



Some of the highlights along the way are the beautiful ceramics you’ll find in every town and the rustic beaches (although expect a long downhill walk to get to them). You’ll nd trendy boutiques, chilled out beachside cafes, and tiny restaurants where you’ll want to spend hour upon hour, watching the world go by.




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