Sustainable Staycations in the UAE

Lindsay Judge   |   17-11-2020

We discover some of the hotels in the UAE that are working towards a long-lasting, safer and more sustainable future



The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah



Since its official opening, The Chedi Al Bait has outlined clear goals for its dedication towards sustainability. The resort in Sharjah completely banished plastic consumables (including room keys, water bottles and straws), from the offset and its comprehensive sustainability plan embraces recycling, organics and energy efficiency strategies. The on-site water filtration system allows the resort to produce its own water which is used in-house. The Chedi Al Bait also has a zero-waste policy, recycling all food waste which it uses as compost for the landscaping in its gardens. All waste is segregated and collected by a waste management contractor. At the same time, the resort has minimised its dependence on consumables, it’s trying to mitigate its use of energy in general. The Drop of Water campaign has drastically curtailed its use of water and energy. The resort’s air conditioning is also set to default at 26 degrees when guests are not in their rooms and in communal areas the AC is automatically powered down when not needed.



As well as reducing its carbon footprint, the resort’s spa is building for the future too but using organic, Halal-certified products only. None of the products contain artificial colour or fragrances, GM ingredients, petrolatum or petrochemicals, parabens, animal derivatives or sodium lauryl sulphate. For nail treatments only vegan, wildcrafted, organic Spa Ritual products are used. All of which are free of toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and parabens that are normally found in nail treatment products so you can really trust in the products you are using on your body.



The Chedi Al Bait was also awarded the Modama Green Hotel & Resort Award for its continuous efforts in practising and promoting sustainable hospitality. Established by Ajman Tourism Department the Modama Award was developed to recognise the most sustainable hospitality companies in UAE. This award acknowledges the hotel’s founding vision in supporting the local authorities, aligning its long-term goals with the UAE’s vision to grow into a sustainable business hub for international establishments.


The Four Seasons Hotels, Dubai



The Four Seasons Hotels in Dubai follow the Four Seasons Dubai Green Committee which was founded to create an environmentally responsible business where employees are committed to reducing the ecological and carbon footprint from activities associated with the brand. The goal of the Four Seasons Jumeirah and Four Seasons DIFC Hotels is ultimately to reduce waste and energy use through the educating of its employees who are guided to work more sustainably and responsibly.


The Hotel’s commitment to conserving water is highlighted in several ways. Without compromising on guests comfort, water reduction systems have been installed that work to reduce the water flow by almost 50%. Employees are encouraged to pay close attention to water usage daily. Four Seasons Hotels Dubai have food composters present in the kitchens, and water is generated from any composted food waste and is then treated and reused for on-site purposes such as watering the plants. Light sensors have been installed in all rooms to reduce energy usage. The Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach has recently partnered with ChoChoMa Studios to create one-of-a-kind fruit bowls made completely from recycled glass. The design is unique to the hotel and each bowl is compiled of five green bottles and five clear bottles collected from the resort. ChoChoMa Studios is the only artist-run, hand-crafted glass studio in the UAE and we are proud to partner with them on this initiative. All plastic straws have been replaced with a paper alternative, as well as eradicating plastic cup use where possible including in the hotel’s spa. Inside the spa itself, the resorts are committed to using organic and natural product ranges including Sodashi and Du Burgener.



Andaz Dubai, The Palm



Andaz Dubai The Palm recently launched a new container farm in partnership with Green Container Advanced Farming (GCAF), introducing its own organic container farm on the terrace of its Palm Jumeirah location. The hotel’s ongoing commitment to sustainability has been a focus since its 2019 opening, with multiple initiatives to reduce single-use plastic and use of environmentally friendly products. Through the partnership with local organisation GCAF, the property is able to harvest its own hydroponic produce onsite, to be utilised in the preparation of dishes at the hotel’s restaurants and cafes.



This method of farming not only reduces the amount of water needed to grow by up to 90% compared to traditional soil farming but also reduces the carbon footprint created by distribution modes of transportation whether by air or land and reduces food waste by harvesting only according to daily requirements. The new container farm is 400 square feet in size and completely pesticide and herbicide-free. Produce grown in the farm includes salad and lettuce variations, herbs such as basil, microgreens and edible flowers. Guests visiting Andaz’s dining venues, including neighbourhood eatery The Locale and popular Japanese eatery Hanami are able to enjoy culinary creations made with the freshest and most nutritious produce sourced daily from the hotel’s very own farm.