Stay healthy this Ramadan with a specialised supplementary detox package

Natalie Hanson   |   03-05-2017

The lack of food and drink throughout the day during Ramadan and going for long periods without eating can often cause extra stress on the digestive system, cause havoc with your metabolism and leave you feeling tired and bloated.

However, help is at hand from Detox Delight, the UAE’s first detox delivery service that brings well-being directly to your door! It is not just a weight loss or weight managment programme; it takes a long-term holistic view of the improvement of nutrition and therefore health and metabolism. The service is designed for people with busy lives who do not want to neglect their well-being needs.

DetoxDelight Ramadan +Lele 1

This Ramadan, Detox Delight is introducing a package exclusively for the holy month to help your body retain all the vital vitamins and nutrients it needs during this speical time. The experts at Detox Delight have analysed the effects that fasting can have on the body in order to create their special Ramadan package. Their carefully crafted menu aims to help your body to recover from these stresses and revive your senses. An added bonus is that all the juices are organic, vegan and made in the UAE.

The package allows you to maintain Ramadan traditions, allowing you to break fast with organic dates, followed by Detox Soup and Detox Lemonade to give your metabolism a needed boost during your Iftar. Then, the menu continues with two fruit and vegetable juices to drink throughout the evening that will help you break the cycle of industrially processed food and help you maintain your energy levels. It’s a great way to improve your nutrition and give your body a detox this Ramadan!

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