Designers and Brands Fashion Shows by L.I.P.S. Management

Dana Mortada   |   09-10-2017

Beirut has always been famous for being the top fashion capital of the Middle East; and L.I.P.S. Management’s CEO Johnny Fadlallah has been fighting for many years to regain the city’s position through contributions with both international and local designers to provide the best seasonal fashion weeks across the region.



This time around L.I.P.S. Management is hosting a unique event unlike any previous fashion weeks in Beirut. Designers & Brands Fashion Shows will run over a three-day event featuring Lebanese and international designers/brands from Paris to Turkey and Arab countries like UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Tunisia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Designers & Brands Fashion Shows event is proudly sponsored by A&E Lebanon, and will be held from 9 to 11 October 2017 in the Grand Ballroom of the Four Seasons Hotel-Beirut.


Find the full 3-day event schedule below:






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