Gem Dior Collection Celebrates 20 Years of Jewellery Making from the Fashion House

Lindsay Judge   |   01-10-2019

The new Dior high jewellery collection marks the brand’s 20th anniversary of jewellery production.


Dior Joaillerie Creative Director Victoire de Castellane has drawn inspiration from the Dior spirit and all of her collections since the beginning, to bring to life poetical and whimsical pieces that feature the most exquisite coloured stones.


The Gem Dior collection is a declaration of love for gemstones and their beautiful colours and infinite hues glorified by intense monochromes and subtle shadings or by virtuoso visual impact.


Exquisite jewels featuring diamond, ruby, spessartite garnet, pink sapphire, tsavorite, grenadine or cobalt blue spinel, tanzanite, Paraiba-type tourmaline are harmonized with carefully cut shapes including baguette, square, pear, marquise, cushion and oval.


Stones are overlaid in a complex fashion that conceals their settings and makes the pieces look even more flawless.



The collection consists of ninety-nine pieces – the biggest by far of any of the house’s high jewellery collections. The pieces are abstract yet geometric and express Victoire de Castellane’s universe and vision with their poetic settings, asymmetrical effects creative colourways and futurism.


She spoke of the collection; “it’s as if I had put all my collections from the past twenty years into a shaker and what popped out were freeze-frames and very large pixelized close-ups, she explains. In the end, what’s left is material and colour.”



She goes on to describe the rings to be “like a little packet of stones that have been placed on the finger. A throw of stones like a throw of the dice. They topple over one another and wedge together to create effects of volume and relief just like geological strata or certain minerals such as pyrite, which have very geometric constructions.”


Behind this tribute to the gemstone is the exceptional know-how of the craftsman, stone cutters and polishers that come together to create these elegant pieces. The collection shows the finest in jewellery creation and highlights the attention to detail that goes into the production of high jewellery pieces.