Chanel Secrets D’Orients High Jewellery Capsule Launches In The Middle East

Hayley Kadrou   |   01-05-2019

Chanel has launched a capsule jewellery collection exclusively for the Middle East, and it’s as extravagant and dazzling as you’d expect.

Chanel SECRETS D'ORIENTS TOPAZE necklace J63767

Chanel Secrets D'Orients Topaze Necklace

Chanel SECRETS D'ORIENTS TOPAZE bracelet J63764

Chanel Secrets D'Orients Topaze Bracelet


Chanel Secrets D'Orients Topaze Ring


Chanel Secrets D'Orients Perles Bracelet

Chanel SECRETS D'ORIENTS PERLES earrings J63760

Chanel Secrets D'Orients Perles Earrings

Chanel SECRETS D'ORIENTS PERLES necklace J63761

Chanel Secrets D'Orients Perles Necklace

Despite Coco Chanel’s first love being costume jewellery – describing it as “refreshingly free of arrogance” –  she launched her very first fine jewellery collection in 1932.


Because that all changed for Chanel during the Great Depression as she lent a helping hand to the struggling diamond industry. Her explanation being that there was a strive for “authenticity” during the turbulent time.


And now, 87 years on, it seems as though the love affair became an everlasting romance between the French fashion house and the realm of fine jewellery. And the latest expression of that love comes in the form of Chanel’s Secrets D’Orients collection.


The capsule collection has been designed especially for the Middle East and is launching in the region from May 1st, 2019.  It marries together pearls and diamonds with gold and silver and doesn’t shy away from being the centre of attention.


Take a sneak peek and some of the collection above.


Coco Chanel began working on fine jewellery all the way back in 1932

Coco Chanel began working on fine jewellery all the way back in 1932



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