FRED Reveals a New High Jewellery Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   08-11-2022


FRED reveals a new high jewellery collection paying tribute to its founder Fred Samuel.


The new “Monsieur Fred Inner Light” high jewellery collection is inspired by the unique personality and radiant aura of the brand’s founder Fred Samuel. This fresh interpretation of the company’s creative heritage not only looks to the past but focuses on the future, offering pieces that both honour tradition and celebrate creativity.



It has been said that Fred Samuel had an “inner light” that was reflected throughout the Maison’s creativity. Since starting the brand in 1936, the founder’s audacious and colourful personality could be seen within every creation in the house’s collections which feature a magical glow.


The “Monsieur Fred Inner Light” embodies the personality and style of the founder throughout its dazzling designs. Fluid and full of life the 24-piece collection is made up of six chapters featuring versatile pieces that are designed to be worn in a variety of ways. Engrave on the reverse of each piece you will find a mantra, inviting the wearer to adopt Fred’s philosophies, driven by daring, love, joy, courage, energy and luck.


The collection also features a new stone cut: the FRED Hero Cut which illuminates diamonds with an unprecedented 32 facets. This specific cut was designed to imbue the wearers with all the strength, courage and perseverance that the founder of the Maison demonstrated throughout his life. The collection is divided into six chapters:



Creative Instinct portrays the message to “dare the unexpected”. Reminiscent of sea foam moving across the skin, this chapter features more than a hundred South Sea or Akoya pearls and diamonds which are displayed on asymmetrical lines of white gold twinkling with pavé diamonds.


Chapter Two “Pretty Woman Generous Heart” pays homage to the Pretty Woman necklace worn by Julia Roberts in the iconic movie, and the heart within a heart motif that has become a signature of the house ever since. This year the line features a combination of finely hand-engraved white mother-of-pearl, onyx, diamonds and black lacquer and heart-shaped pink tourmalines of up to 8.29 carats.



Chapter Three “Pain de Sucre Joyful Attitude”, invites the wearer to dive into the colourful side of life with a thousand shades of blue that reflect the beauty of the Mediterranean. These creations are illuminated by a mosaic of precious, fine and ornamental stones: diamond, aquamarine, turquoise, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla, dickite, sodalite and mother-of-pearl, shimmering together like the surface of water.


Chapter four “Force 10 Winning Spirit” is about pushing the limits of versatility. Influenced once again by the sea this chapter offers a selection of unisex pieces with a sporty edge.


Chapter Five “Radiant Energy” is inspired by the exceptional radiance of the Soleil d’Or, the yellow diamond of over 100 carats that returned to the Maison’s heritage in 2021. Radiant energy recreates the magic of a sunset over the sea. The graphic combinations of white and yellow baguette and brilliant-cut diamonds follow the soft asymmetrical broken lines while the centre stones in the form of Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds of up to 11.25 carats.



The final chapter “Chance Infinie Faith in Destiny” represents luck with talismanic jewellery that combines Art Deco influences and the lucky symbol of the Chance Infinie collection: a lemniscate, the universal sign of infinity and an allusion. These pieces pay homage to Fred’s lucky number 8 and feature fluid lines, flexibility and transformability. Elegant lines of white gold, diamonds, black lacquer and onyx, are united by the midnight blue light of pear-shaped sapphires.  The minimal and voluptuous design of a cocktail ring, or a necklace with multiple identities, is illuminated by an exceptional 28.72-carat detachable Ceylon sapphire, just as an earring can be turned into a brooch enhanced with an equally detachable 25.5-carat Ceylon sapphire.