Introducing Louis Vuitton’s Dazzling Conquêtes Collection

Eliza Scarborough   |   19 - 10 - 2017

Reflecting the power of style in honour of the Louis Vuitton Woman.



Louis Vuitton’s new High Jewellery collection pays homage to a conquering, self-assured, seductive woman full of independence. Her conquests come to life in the Maison’s two emblematic signature motifs, the Monogram flower and the V, brought together for the first time in one collection. The two symbols fuse to create brand new designs, with exceptional gemstones at the heart.



Conquêtes is a collection boasting three dazzling necklaces and some sixty pieces of jewellery. The first necklace takes from the language of heraldic devices, interweaving, and diffracting the two motifs to evoke a contemporary family crest coat of arms. At the centre of this masterpiece a gemstone gleams, symbolising power, with a 37.07 carat imperial topaz initiating a link between the V and the diamond flower. Its unique orange and pink hues are heightened and complemented by pastel tones in the opals.



More than ever before it, this collection highlights the breadth of expertise exhibited in Louis Vuitton’s workshops. The highly complex chain designs give full expression to the jeweller’s virtuosity. Baguette-cut diamonds are hewn to perfectly fit their setting and follow every curve of the design, drawing the eye to the Maison’s gems of predilection, Paraiba tourmalines, mandarin garnets, tsavorite garnets, opals, and imperial topazes, to name but a few. The Conquêtes collection picks up where the previous collections left off and follows their explorations, particularly those of Acte V and Blossom.

Still Life Photography: Philippe Lacombe
Savoir Faire: Laziz Hamani



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