Breitling Has Revealed Its First-Ever “Traceable Watch”

Lindsay Judge   |   06-11-2022


Breitling introduces the first watch in its journey to do better when it comes to sustainability.


Breitling has revealed its first-ever “traceable watch” as part of the brand’s mission to become more sustainable. The new Super Chronomat Automatic 38 Origins is designed to inform and engage owners about the origin of its precious materials with a specialised blockchain process. With each watch, a provenance record on the owner’s blockchain-backed NFT details the responsible measures taken along the supply chain for the watch’s artisanal gold and lab-grown diamonds, with all information independently verified.



The watch’s design is intended to make a statement and features a stylish finish which can be adapted from day to night. Taking it to another level the watch features ceramic rider tabs and crown, and the rubber rouleaux bracelet, only available with this supercharged line.


Gold Refining

“Breitling is on a mission to create beautiful products and experiences with better materials and better manufacturing,” said Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling. “Our roadmap begins here with the proof-of-concept Super Chronomat Origins.” 


Refining and Polishing


The watch marks the beginning of Breitling’s mission to do better and is the first key moment to bring more responsible gold and diamonds to the brand’s portfolio. Breitling is embarking on a journey to bring artisanal gold and lab-grown diamonds, responsibly sourced from accredited suppliers to its products, as well as introducing end-to-end traceability. By 2025 this mission will be in place, further confirming the brand’s commitment to this issue.


Touchstone Mine Colombia

“Consumers are increasingly reflecting on the products they buy and what goes into them. We want to give them those answers upfront,” said Kern. “Super Chronomat Origins is one step on a transformative journey at Breitling. This is just the beginning.” 


lab grown diamonds


For Super Chronomat Origins, Breitling has sourced gold from a single artisanal mine that meets the Swiss Better Gold Association’s criteria. The association improves working, living and environmental conditions in artisanal and small-scale (ASM) gold mining communities and facilitates the creation of responsible supply chains for the Swiss market.


Touchstone Mine Colombia


Breitling is working toward having all of its gold traceable to specific ASM mines by 2025. For every gram of gold purchased, Breitling makes a contribution that supports local community development projects. Communities in turn benefit from infrastructure investment, legal wages, healthy working conditions, protection of biodiversity and, at the close of mining activities, land rehabilitation.


Touchstone Mine Colombia reforestation


The lab-grown diamonds used in the Super Chronomat Origins feature type IIa single-crystal diamonds, which qualify as the most valued and purest type of diamonds. They are created by applying gas and heat to a diamond slice in a vacuum. Under the heat, the gas develops into a cloud of plasma, creating conditions that allow the diamond to crystallise and grow. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds and are subject to the same rigorous quality testing.


By 2024, Breitling will have completed a transition to lab-grown diamonds across its entire product portfolio, all of them traceable to growers who meet a high standard of social and environmental performance in addition to a stringent requirement of climate neutrality. For every carat purchased, Breitling makes a contribution to a social impact fund that supports diamond-producing communities.



And finally, in the brand’s step to offering its customers full traceability Super Chronomat Origins owners will receive a precious materials’ provenance record as part of their blockchain-backed NFT. Within this, the full supply chain—from raw material to finished product—is documented both on the owner’s NFT and publicly on an online source map, with all information independently verified.


This new watch is supported by a campaign featuring Two-time Olympic gold medallist Chloe Kim. The snowboarder became the youngest woman to win gold in the halfpipe when she was just 17. With an informed interest in improving our planet, Chloe works with Protect our Winters to safeguard alpine areas from the effects of climate change. Of her Super Chronomat Origins, Chloe Kim said, “I loved this watch from the moment I saw it. The white strap and dial, and the sparkle of the diamonds are like the reflection of sun on snow, so it has a personal connection for me as a snowboarder. As an advocate for sustainability, I believe in this watch’s mission. We all have a responsibility to question where our products come from and to put a preference on brands that go the extra mile to source ethically. I know this effort will set a precedent.”