Morning Coffee with Author and Work Place Culture Advisor Dawn Metcalfe

Hayley Kadrou   |   26-03-2019

Dawn Metcalfe talks us through the process of writing her most recent book over Morning Coffee.

As a woman whose realm of work is vast – she is an executive coach, facilitator, trainer, speaker and leadership coach as well as the Founder of Dubai-based PDSi and the of two books – narrowing down her professional title was a challenge.


And as the author of Managing the Matrix and The HardTalk Handbook explains over Morning Coffee, this varied (and sometimes chaotic) approached to work is both reflected in her morning routine and her book writing process.


Watch the full interview with Dawn above and find out what we learned chatting with the author below.


Five Things We Learned Talking to Dawn Metcalfe Over Morning Coffee

Dawn Metcalfe talks about her latest book over Morning Coffee with A&E TV

Dawn Metcalfe talks about her latest book over Morning Coffee with A&E TV


Fundamentally, everyone is the same


Having travelled all over with her work, Dawn shared with us what her main takeaway was; Everyone is essentially the same. She said: “Fundamentally we are the same in every culture… We all want to be respected, to be loved.”


The book within you will come out at the right time 


After describing the process of writing two books as “word vomit” Dawn explained that early on it was never her intention to pen her thoughts, ideas and creativity neatly together. “I worked with a guy years back who had written a number of books, and he kept telling me ‘you’re going to write a book’ but I never really thought about it. ” But when she couldn’t find anything on working in a matrix organisation, that’s what compelled her to go out and do her own research and eventually pitch and write her own book.


Her achievements are other peoples successes


When asked what her biggest achievement to date is, Dawn said: “My job is to try and make other people look good. Whether I’m working as a coach or a trainer, even if I’m the one on stage, the job is to make other people succeed.”


Even the darkest clouds have silver linings


“I suppose the biggest thing I’ve ever had to deal with is being diagnosed with a chronic disease,” Dawn told us. She said: “So, I was in a very different career, I was a teacher in London and I was on the fast track to becoming a head teacher when I was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis. I never knew if I would walk again let alone work again, and that was scary. But that meant I could no longer teach in all the school I enjoyed teaching in so I moved into the private sector and got to do all this.  So every cloud has a silver lining.”


Live life like it’s front page news


For her personal and professional motto, the leadership coach said: “Imagine that it’s going to be on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow.” The career advisor elaborated: “Whatever you’re about to say, whatever you’re about to do, are you comfortable with that?”


Dawn Metcalfe on her career to date over Morning Coffee

Dawn Metcalfe on her career to date over Morning Coffee


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