Morning Coffee With Briar Prestidge, Founder Of Briar Prestidge International

Hayley Kadrou   |   24-03-2019

Briar Prestidge joined the A&E team for Morning Coffee as she talked through the importance of digital branding.


From her launching own networking talk show to her Dubai-based company, Briar Prestidge is a busy woman.


As the CEO of Briar Prestidge International, the digital marketing guru is always switched on.


But taking some time out of her day, Briar joined us for Morning Coffee to share everything from her morning routine to what she wants to achieve next.



Watch the full interview with the CEO above, and find out what we learned chatting with her below.

Five Things We Learned Talking To Briar Prestidge Over Morning Coffee


Briar Prestidge shares her mottos over Morning Coffee

Briar Prestidge shares her mottos over Morning Coffee


Be willing to take the plunge 


When it comes to switching up your career or venturing into a next business, Briar said it’s all about taking action. She said: “You can sit there and you can always question ‘Oh I want to go out and I want to start a business,’ but if you don’t actually take the plunge, then it’s never going to happen.”


Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn


It might not be your favourite social network, but Briar insists we all pay more attention to our profiles.  She said: “LinkedIn here in the region is the most connected out of anywhere in the world.”


Lady Gaga is her inspiration 


She said: “She’s the epitome of someone who’s been kicked down a lot… But she’s someone who really persevered and worked hard and got out there and got the job done. And she did it all with a smile on her face.”


Sharing knowledge is important


While it might seem like a little thing, it can be very important, says the CEO.  From friends to strangers on a Facebook group asking for recommendations, she said taking the time out to both recommend somebody/something you think worthy and to reach out to people is important. Briar said: “I think it’s really important that we are all sharing and giving and supporting one another. ”


Trust the process


The advice she would give her younger self? “I think it would just be to trust the process a little bit. When we’re young we’re quite eager to achieve and perhaps when we don’t meet those expectations it can be very disappointing for ourselves.” But she continued to say that life takes unexpected turns and to take the stress off ourselves and to trust a little more in life.



The CEO runs Briar Prestidge International and Deals In High Heels

The CEO runs Briar Prestidge International and Deals In High Heels


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