Leadership Coach Nancy Zakharia Ohanessian’s Advice on How to Stay Positive

Hayley Kadrou   |   18-04-2019

Leadership Coach Nancy Zakharia Ohanessian joins the a&e team for Morning Coffee and talks staying positive, managing anger and the relationship between Instagram and self-esteem.

While she says balancing work life and motherhood has been (and still is) one of the biggest challenges she faces, considering Nancy Zakharie Ohanessian studied relentlessly to achieve her current qualifications while also working full time and looking after two young children, we can’t help but think she’s doing a great job at it.


And while that is impressive enough, the Leadership Coach states there is still so much she wants to achieve both personally and academically, all while maintaining her positive outlook on life along the way.


Joining the a&e team for Morning Coffee, Nancy chats through her approach to having a positive attitude in life, her thoughts on dealing with anger and the advice she would give her younger self.



Watch the full interview with Nancy above, and find out what we learned chatting with her below.


Five Things We Learned Talking To Nancy Zakharia Ohanessian Over Morning Coffee


Nancy Zakharia Ohanessian shares her words of wisdom over Morning Coffee

Nancy Zakharia Ohanessian shares her words of wisdom over Morning Coffee


On staying positive


When it comes to feeling more positive day-to-day, Nancy advises: “We need to be intentional about staying positive. It’s all about changing our perspective about how we look at things and looking at things from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. Building on the strength we have rather than focusing on what we don’t have.”


On dealing with anger 


For many people, anger is a natural instinct when facing troubling times in their lives. On that notion, the expert commented: “Anger is one of the most disempowering habits that can prevent us from achieving our full potential. What I want to tell them is to remind themselves they are in control and not to allow emotions to take power over them. So instead of giving their power away from anger and allowing external events to shape who they are and how they feel. It is taking responsibility for their reactions.”


Work-life balance is her biggest challenge 


When asked what the biggest challenge is that she’s had to overcome to get where she is today, Nancy said: “The biggest challenge was – and still is – to manage and juggle all that I want to do with family life, I’m a mum of two young children.”  While saying she is still facing this struggle, Nancy explained that at one point she was looking after her little ones while working a full-time job and studying to get her qualifications and travelling a lot. But she said it’s about finding that rhythm.


Grow is a journey, not a destination


…Is what Nancy said when asked what she wants to achieve. She elaborated: “So there are still lots of things that I aspire to do and achieve, on the academic side I still have the big dream of pursuing a PhD in psychology or human development and definitely being a master coach. On the other side, I really want to increase the geography on my impact on more and more people.”


Be more fearless…


… Is the advice Nancy would give her younger self.


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