Talib Hashim, Managing Director at TBH, on Why He’s Inspired to Work with Local Youth

Hayley Kadrou   |   17-04-2019

Talib Hashim joins the a&e team for Morning Coffee as he discusses everything from his energising morning routine to the one thing he’d tell his younger self.


After beginning his career working in a bank, Talib Hashim made a brave move to seize a new opportunity.


When a friend gave him a nudge to move into the headhunting world, Talib rebranded the consultancy to Next Level – a name that reflected a metaphor for his own career change, too.


In his line of work, the Managing Director particularly focuses on helping young people train for work in the real world and move into successful careers, and it was this aspect of the career jump that made him feel as though he was really tapping into his full potential.


Talking to a&e over Morning Coffee, Talib shares his biggest achievements and personal mottos as he details his career to date.



Watch the full interview above, and find out what we learned chatting with him below.


Five Things We Learned Talking To Talib Hashim Over Morning Coffee


Talib Hashim talks through his career goals and mottos over Morning Coffee

Talib Hashim talks through his career goals and mottos over Morning Coffee


Mornings are about ‘energising’


The MD tells us that whether spiritually, mentally or physically, he makes his mornings about energising himself for the day in some way. For example he “takes a cold shower every day” as it’s the first decision that day to step outside his comfort zone.


Why he’s inspired to work with young people


“For me, there are two reasons – both personal and business-related – behind this interest with helping youth. A lot of them could be potential clients and customers given that the UAE and Dubai have so many instances of youth leadership. I’m also motivated because I really want to get them ready for the world of work. On a personal level, I’m driven because I used to be the young local youth and I was clueless about the world. I wish then I had access to a mentor to tell me what the world was really like.”


Talib still wants to achieve a lot 


The Managing Director told us that it’s those questions that keep him awake at night that he still wants to conquer. He said: “I’m looking for the answers to questions that keep me awake at night.  How can we scale out business? How can we impact more people? How can we disrupt the market? Localisation here is just the beginning. We want to take this blueprint and see if we can adapt these learnings to other regions.”


His personal motto is…


“My personal motto would be nurture relationships, don’t burn bridges and don’t take thing personally. Focus on what you can add value to. I think it’s magical to believe in this. It gives you peace of mind. “


And the advice he would give his younger self…


If he could go back in time, Talib would tell his younger self not to wear white socks. Explaining, he said: “In my first interview when I was 18, the interviewer asked me ‘Are you coming for a job, or are you coming to play tennis?’ because I wore white socks. And I always think; what would have happened if I didn’t wear those white socks?”


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