Aesop Bust Our SPF Skincare Myths in One-On-One Workshop

Hayley Kadrou   |   28-03-2019

As the weather heats up, we speak to skincare experts at Aesop about incorporating SPF into our skincare routine – and how not to.


Offtimes we consider SPF – on sun protection factor  – and skincare two separate entities.


Applying our moisturiser in the morning before running out the door and massaging our night cream into our skin before bed is just a ritualistic part of our routine.


But for most of us, we don’t treat sun protection in the same loyal, adoring way.


At best we apply a layer head-to-toe before heading to the beach, at worst we think we need not bother due to the darker tones of our complexion.


But speaking to the experts at Aesop during a one-on-one SPF workshop, we learned everything we need to know about marrying the two together.


Skincare and suncare can merge


For day-to-day exposure, high-SPF skincare can suffice. For example, the Austrian skincare brand carries the Protective Facial Lotion SPF25, which is a lightweight formula that protects against UBA and UBV lights all in one.


When exposed to longer or more intense sun, don’t be put off by the chalky, heavy formula or intense aromas of traditional sun lotions, and Aesop’s Protective Body Lotion for SPF50 is incredibly lightweight with a scent of spearmint leaf.


Aesop's SPF50 Body Lotion is surprisingly lightweight

Aesop’s SPF50 Body Lotion is surprisingly lightweight


Everyone needs SPF


While the Aesop skincare expert highlights that fair skin shades will notice damage much quicker, she explained that all skin types should wear and SPF.


While light skin might burn easier and may need to reapply more often, dark skins can still be harmed by sun rays.


If you’re in the sunlight constantly, every two hours it is recommended.


UVA, UBV and… UVC?!


So while we’ve all heard of UVA and UVB, we’re not all too familiar with UVC. But what’s the difference between them all, and what do we need to worry about?


Amal at Aesop told us that UVA  is what makes up most of the natural sunlight, and this is what contributes to the ‘ageing’ side of sun-exposure related skin damage.


UVB, however, is what causes the skin to burn. Which is why we need both when heading out.  But what is UBC? We might not have heard of it because it’s not of huge concern for humans here on earth – yet.


UVC rays are mostly blocked out by the earth’s atmosphere. But as they are the most damaging on the skin, if the breakdownof the earth’s atmosphere continues, this could change.


Aesop also cary a Sage & Zinc day cream with an SPF 15

Aesop also carry a Sage & Zinc day cream with an SPF 15


The bottle counts


So many items in our beauty cabinet can be broken down by the hostile environment we hold them in. The heat from the bathroom and the intense light from the sun can break down ingredients in products sooner meaning they lose their potency.


But Aesop’s brown bottle s and purposefully designed to deflect such sun rays and preserved the formula inside.


Suncare can be vegan 


Aesop is all plant based and cruelty free.


Aesop let us in on SPF rules

Aesop let us in on SPF rules


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