Get Ready To Glow Thanks To Charlotte Tilbury’s New Makeup Collection

Hayley Kadrou   |   29-04-2019

Glowgasm is the latest makeup collection created by Charlotte Tilbury, and it’s just launched here in the Middle East.


Not every beauty brand has us excited at the mere mention of a new collection. But Charlotte Tilbury – created by the same-named British makeup artist – is one of those brands.  Maybe it’s because each product is innovative while possessing a name that grabs your attention, or maybe it’s because the packaging is that balance between girly yet chic to appeals to so many of us. Or maybe because, more often than not, the stuff really works.


And for the latest newcomer in the Middle East, Charlotte Tilbury is launching a new makeup collection; Glowgasm. Living up to her names at the Queen of Glow, the makeup artist has created a line of highlighters, cream eye shadows, and check colours.


Charlotte Tilbury has launched a new glow collection

Charlotte Tilbury has launched a new glow collection


The collection includes two face palettes, three beauty light wands, one luxury cheek palette, two new shades of the collagen lip baths, as well as the return of two cream shadows, Eyes to Mesmerise in shades Star Gold and Rose Gold.


On the latest launch, Charlotte herself said: “Darlings, you’ve asked for more glow, and I am giving it to you! This is what I call a euphoric joy-filter for the eyes, cheeks and lips. With this range, I’ve been inspired by this dreamy, emotive light that flatters the skin.”


Get your glow on with the new Charlotte Tilbury collection

Get your glow on with the new Charlotte Tilbury collection


And added: “The kind of light dreams are made of! I wanted to create a beautifying glow that literally puts a crystal-like light and energy onto the complexion… into the eyes, and onto the skin. I was really inspired by the sensual sensation of light cascading through a crystal sitting in a window, that beatific rainbow that makes everything look otherworldly beautiful.  The kind of soft-silken, sun-beams-bottled glow that exists in fairy-tales, and the best kind of memories.”


Many of the celebrity-adored’s makeup artist best-selling products revolve around the concept of getting skin glowing – think her Magic Wonder Cream and the Light Wonder Foundation.


And with a radiant complexion signally health, happiness and youth, it’s no wonder. On the appeal of the glow, Charlotte said: “I love that glow that you see on someone when they have come back from having an amazing time on holiday, or from the rush of falling in love…Glow has mood-boosting effects, because when someone sees themselves glowing, and they feel glowing… It gives them an instant boost.”


Charlotte Tilbury’s Glowgasm collection is available in store now. 


Charlotte Tilbury's new collection is in store now. CREDIT: Instagram/sarahl.k_

Charlotte Tilbury’s new collection is in store now. CREDIT: Instagram/sarahl.k_

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