Founder of Neom Organics Reveals The Best Essential Oils To Lift Your Mood

Hayley Kadrou   |   09-04-2019

From burning a scented candle to adding a few drops into to your bath water, Neom Organics Founder Nicola Elliott reveals exactly how essential oils can be good for your wellbeing.

In a high-tempo world where we barely have time to sleep, taking time out for some true r&r can be a challenge. But when your days are busy and your diary is hectic, a quick way to seek some zen is lighting a relaxing candle and taking an oil-infused hot bath.


Nicola Elliott, the Founder of Neom Organics – an organic and ethically-sourced home fragrance and aromatherapy brand with benefits for the mind and body  – explained exactly why and how using essential-oil enriched products can help the body and spirit.


She explained: “An essential oil is a complex compound of chemical constituents taken from a single plant source that is volatile, so it evaporates easily and hits your limbic system which is your ’emotional’ brain – this makes essential oils so powerful as they work both on an emotional and physical level.”


And helping even further, the trained aromatherapist and nutritionist broked down to a&e which oils can actually help ease which negative mood…


Neom Pearl Tree Mood Lifting Pulse Point

Neom Pearl Tree Mood Lifting Pulse Point. 


To feel uplifted


From circumstantial to hormonal, we all have days when we need something little to boost our mood and help us conquer the tasks ahead. And Nicola has a trio of essential oils she recommends for such an occasion. She said: “I would recommend Bergamot for low mood as this essential oil is known for its uplifting properties and can help balance hormones.” Elsewhere, scents of wild mind and mandarin she described as “energising and uplifting” help to boost immunity and improve circulation. 


To ease anxiety


Anxiety is the epidemic of the modern age, and it affects people in a whole host of ways. From chronic anxiety that persists day to day, to certain situations and triggers our particular anxieties. When you’ve had one of those days, the Founder suggest reaching for the lavender.  “It is naturally soothing and calming for your body, mind and wellbeing. Cedarwood is also very relaxing and thought to allow the brain to unwind,” she details. 


To reduce restlessness


It could be those evenings when you just can put the day away and fall off to sleep, or those days when you just feel restless when all you really need is a time out.  Nicola recommends: “Ylang Ylang is very calming and is helps to aid sleep – it is also a good alternative for those who don’t like the smell of Lavender. Patchouli also helps to aid a better night’s sleep, it can help with restlessness and it’s widely known for being one of the most versatile essential oils.”

Neom Organic products are available in-store at Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdale and online at


Neom Three Wick Candle Complete Bliss

Neom Three Wick Candle Complete Bliss


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