Five Steps To Recreate Charlotte Tilbury’s Barely There Backstage Beauty Look

Hayley Kadrou   |   29-07-2019

For Stella McCartney’s Spring 2020 runway show, she employed the beauty talent of Charlotte Tilbury to create her natural beauty look, and here’s how to recreate the look.

Two of the most famous names in British fashion and beauty, Charlotte Tilbury and Stella McCartney united recently when creating the look from the latter’s most recent runway show.


For the Milan Fashion Week event, McCartney’s male and female collection celebrated The Beatles and worked on a literary collaboration with Jonathan Safran Foer, creating a colourful and creative collection which of course ranked high on the sustainability chart.


Models are the Stella McCartney Spring 2020 show showcase glowing, natural makeup

Models are the Stella McCartney Spring 2020 show showcase glowing, natural makeup


On how she used beauty to complement the clothing collection, Tilbury said: “I worked closely with Stella to create a fresh makeup look that encapsulated the vision of ‘typically British’, naturally enhanced beauty. This look was designed to complement the natural, sustainable vision of her Spring collection, Force for Nature. My gorgeous niece Sofia Tilbury brought it to life in Milan.”


Not only is a glowing base at the heart of this look, but it’s at the heart of Tilbury’s beauty aesthetic at large. She said: “Magic skin was the focus of this look. We kept the face natural, dewy and fresh using my hero complexion products: Magic Cream for the dew of youth, Magic Away Concealer for the look of a perfect skin day in seconds.


“A  glossy, balmy, hydrated effect on the eyes using my new Hot Lips Clear Lipstick Conditioner, and a blush of fresh, creamy, peach was swept onto the cheeks for a ‘just run through a meadow’ effect. Full, natural, brushed-up brows and Full Fat Lashes mascara finished the look. For the men, a little Magic Away Concealer was applied if needed, but the look was ‘cool, grungy London’.”


Here’s how to recreate the look, step by step.


Charlotte Tilbury reveals the steps to creating this dewy beauty look

Charlotte Tilbury reveals the steps to creating this dewy beauty look


Step One: Skincare

To create the perfect base, makeup artists backstage prepped model’s skin with Instant Magic Dry Sheet Facial Mask, which infused a mix of vitamin B3 (which can calm skin condition such as rosacea, pigmentation, dehydration and acne) along with firming Crocus Bulb Extract, peptides, oils and butters. The cocktail is the secret to instantly brighter and thirst-quenched skin


Step Two: Base 

After creating the perfect canvas, it’s all about heightening that illusion with the perfect base. Where skin needed slight coverage, Magic Away Concealer was applied, which can help to even out skin tone, hide dark circles and blur imperfections. Hollywood Flawless Filter foundation comes next, which offers a thin, light coverage that is dewy and refining without being cakey. To add slight definition to face, Charlotte’s Hollywood Contour Wand was applied to the temples, cheeks and bridge of the nose.


Step Three: Flush 

For a blush that really sinks into the skin rather than rest upon it, makeup artists backstage at Stella McCartney’s Milan show used the new Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 to create a natural flush, a little dot of the new hues blended into cheeks.


Step Four: Eyes 

Steering clear of anything heavy with the au naturale look, models eyelids were given a glossy effect thanks to a sweep of Charlotte’s Lipstick Conditioner, the Shea Butter ensuring to hydrate rather than irritate. After curling the lashes for a natural lift, thin coats of mascara were applied and brows were kept natural, simply brushed upwards for full effect.


Step Five: Lips

Again keeping things neutral, bright colours were switched out for a softening balm, and lips were also coated in the new Lipstick Conditioner.


Charlotte Tilbury created the beauty looks for Stella McCartney’s Spring 2020 show


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