Get to Know PMD Beauty as the Personal Microdermabrasion Brand Launches in the Middle East

Hayley Kadrou   |   27-05-2019

Known as the pioneers of home microdermabrasion, PMD Beauty has finally launched its line of gadgets into the Middle East. To get to know PMD a little better, we sat down with the company’s President Sam Alexander.

As research, technologies and trends develop, innovations in the beauty industry are created. And in the early 1990s, microdermabrasion facials – a minimally invasive procedure that can improve the appearance of age spots, fine lines, acne scarring and more by exfoliating away old skin cells and promoting the renewal process – were the latest dermatological innovation that everyone was either swearing by or saving for.


But when PMD Beauty invested in making this technology available for people at home, not only did it change the game when it came to this particular treatment but kickstarted a beauty gadget revolution. Since then, the American beauty brand has gone on to launch more and more innovative products such as the PMD Kiss (for a naturally fuller pout) and the PMD Clean (a smart silicone facial cleansing device), staying afloat the changing trends and technology. Meaning with the latest advances, women are taking the power to change their skin into their own hands.


But finally in 2019, the 2003-born company has made its way over to the Middle East. Sitting down President Sam Alexander – with his brother and VP of Sale Mike Alexander chiming in to offer his insight, too – here’s what we discovered about the brand.


Sam Alexander tells us what we need to know about PMD beauty as it launches in the Middle East

Sam Alexander tells us what we need to know about PMD beauty as it launches in the Middle East


Birth of PMD Beauty


Sam told us: “It was started by a group of doctors, engineers and microdermabrasion experts. They would go around and fix microdermabrasion machines. They’re big machines and the average treatment in the United States costs around $145, and you would usually get at least a series of eight to 12. They realised; ‘How can we take the same technology and make an at-home version of it?’  and got together to start working on this.”


Organic Growth


Mike and Sam both talk about how the success of the brand grew organically. Sam told us: “We had 500 devices, and we sent them out to mummy bloggers. We didn’t pay them anything, this was back before influencers were really a thing, and we kind of pioneered sending out products to these kinds of figures, because in 2010 no one was doing that.  We started seeing all these life-changing reviews being posted.


“One lady was like: ‘I’ve tried every single product out there and every time I go outside I hide behind makeup because I’ve never had the confidence. This is the first product where is actually changing my skin.’ From that we started getting a lot of posts we started to sell, it was totally an organic growth.  We didn’t start with a big budget. Everything we’ve done has been organic, and we’ve just kind of built and built upon that.”


Mike added: “We always say as employees at our business that we’re so lucky to have products that actually work, that really do help people with their confidence, so it’s a pretty cool thing. And with the microderm, that’s been a pretty huge factor –  products where women literally tell other women how effective they are without a big budget for marketing.”


PMD Personal Microderm Device

PMD Personal Microderm Device



Customer-Led Products


In a similar way,  Sam and Mike explain how the products that followed on from the original personal microdermabrasion tool have been inspired by and led by the customers themselves. When it comes to the process of creating a new product, Sam explained it really is about listening to the customer and creating what they say they want. “So an example of that is with the PMD Kiss. We had women using the PMD tool as a vacuum suction (they had taken off the abrasion tool) so they were just sitting there and popping it on their lips. We saw two or three of these videos and we would watch the comments where people said they wish there was a product like this. So that’s how the Kiss was invented.


“The same thing with PMD Clean. Everyone was like ‘Why don’t you have a cleaning device?’ so we basically set out to make the best cleaning device possible, doing a ton of surveys with our customers. ”


After talking to customers about what they like and don’t like about existing gadget cleansers, they created a product that “uses SonicGlow Technology, meaning it created 7,000 vibrations per minute to nudge the dirt out of our skin.”


Mike adds: “The silicone design is not only softer than bristles, but it’s also antibacterial so it makes it so you can leave it in the shower and use it without worrying about spreading bacteria. It’s easy to clean and it’s hypoallergenic.”


Future Of Gadgets 


Sam said: “I think as the industry trends are going, women and men are more and more likely to use devices. And particularly because skincare companies out there that make pretty strong claims about what their serums and moisturisers do, and a lot of times you’re putting on products onto your skin and they’re not really being absorbed. So although a company can have science behind their skincare, they never can quite penetrate your skin and actually work. So what our devices to allow those other products to work.”


While Mike adds: “I think it’s also important to think that with technology and access to information and youtube etc., you can get educated and confidence in doing a treatment at home that you may not have done 20 years ago because that was left for the doctors. There’s a lot more of doing it yourself where you can be confident thanks to the access you have to information so the more and more people are learning about at home beauty devices.”


PMD Kiss

PMD Kiss


PMD and Sustainability 


Sam explains: “I think the number one thing is that with for example the PMD Clean, you’re never replacing the heads, so if you look at some of our competitors, it sounds kind of gross but if you use it for a couple of months, it grows bacteria and it wears out. So they’re constantly needing to be replaced.”


While Mike adds: “I think that we always say to customers that you’re going to use less skincare, and it’s going to work way better. We have studies that show that the PMD takes off that top layer of dead dull skin, it allows your skincare to penetrate 20 times deeper. Supercharging your skincare plays into sustainability, too.”


Biggest Challenge?


Mike broke down for us: “The thing is, the products really work. But sometimes people just use them once a give up. We tell people we’re selling treadmills – it’s not magic, it’s science. And if you wait around on a treadmill for six, seven, eight weeks you start to see results, and it’s the same with the PMD.”


PMD  products are available at Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales and online on and For more information about PMD Beauty visit the website

PMD Clean

PMD Clean


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