Sofia-Schwarzkopf-Tilbury Unveils The New Supermodel Brows collection by Charlotte Tilbury

Lindsay Judge   |   06-04-2021

Charlotte Tilbury’s new Supermodel Brows collection helps women to achieve perfect brows at home – we discover more with Makeup Artist to the stars Sofia-Schwarzkopf-Tilbury


Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup and skincare products are known for their visible results, so when the beauty mogul decided to launch a range that helps you to achieve the brows of a supermodel at home, you know it’s going to be great! Charlotte Tilbury’s new Supermodel Brows collection consists of three key products that will allow you to fix, shape, and lift your brows for results that last all day. After years of innovation, this three-step toolkit has been designed to be quick and easy to use and well as simple for every woman to use, whatever their brow style. Throughout my 28-year career as a makeup artist to the stars, I have become known for my SIGNATURE SUPERMODEL BROW that I’ve created for countless celebrity clients. I have bottled my BEAUTY SECRET to give you my signature SUPERMODEL BROW – the perfect balance of a full, fluffy brow, a defined arch and an elongated tail. Get ready for your BROWFORMATION!” Explains Charlotte. To find out more we talk to celebrity makeup artist and Charlotte’s niece and right-hand-woman, Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury. 


What are three things we need to know about the Supermodel Brows collection?

The three things everyone needs to know about Charlotte’s Supermodel Brows collection are; FILL, FEATHER and FIX. Charlotte has decoded her secrets to having supermodel brows in an easy, three-step-system. First, you fill, using Charlotte’s new Brow Cheat pencil, adding texture and tint to the brows. Then you feather, by brushing through the brows with the Legendary Brows Tinted Gel, and finally, you fix with Brow Fix; an incredible clear brow gel that gives you long-lasting hold with an invisible finish. I’m obsessed!




Why do you think this collection particularly resonates with women in the Middle East?

Whenever Charlotte and I travel to the Middle East, we are always so inspired by the women who truly understand the power of makeup. I think the Supermodel Brows collection will resonate with Arab women because they are all so passionate about beauty and really embrace the latest trends. I have met so many beautiful women when visiting the Middle East and each of them has incredible makeup skills.


Tell us about the three-step system and how we should use the products?

Supermodel Brows is an easy-to-use collection. So many women are overwhelmed when it comes to their brows, so Charlotte wanted to make it as simple as possible. Firstly, use the new Brow Cheat pencil to FILL your brows. I always brush the hairs upwards so I can see the shape, then work in delicate, hair-like strokes to add depth to any sparse areas. Brow Cheat has an amazing micro-precision pencil that allows you to create tiny strokes, and the formula is rich in emollients so it glides on and stays without any dragging. It also has pure pigments and natural-looking undertones, so it doesn’t look ashy or too red like some brow products do.


Step two is FEATHER: It’s a quick and easy way to add texture and tint to your brows, especially if they tend to sit flat. The tiny brush catches every single hair, even the baby ones! I just brush up and out to add texture and lift.

Brow Cheat in Natural Brown


The last step is FIX. When we were working on this product, I tested it by wearing it to an intense Pilates class, and when I left, my brows still looked lifted and fixed, as if I’d had them laminated. It’s the perfect final step, but it’s also great on its own. So if you’ve got naturally thick, bushy eyebrows, it transforms them into a perfect supermodel shape. Charlotte created this gel so that it gives a 24-hour hold and never looks waxy or stiff. It has silk threads in the formula, so your brows look glossy, silky and feathered while they stay put all day.


Why are these products different from others out there?

The key with all of Charlotte’s products is that they’re designed to make you feel like the best version of yourself. She always says “beautiful before” and “beautiful after”, and the right brow can totally transform the look of your face. These brow products never make your brows look stamped on, too heavy or too bold; whether you’ve got full brows, sparse brows, thin brows or thick brows, the easy three-step system gives everyone their perfect supermodel brow. It’s a super modern, flattering, natural-looking brow shape that stays in place all day and suits everyone.



How do we determine which shade is right for our brow colour?

Perfecting the shades in the Supermodel Brow collection was important to Charlotte. We worked with models with all skin tones, all brow types and all hair colours to investigate the nuance of colour and make sure that we were catering to all brow undertones and overtones. We wanted to create flattering shades that not only suit your hair colour but also enhance your complexion so your brows never look heavy or unnatural. They work for so many complexions, and you can use Charlotte’s shade matcher on to help you find your perfect shade.


How do you think women’s makeup routines have adapted throughout the past year? 

I think women are spending a lot more time on their skin right now. This could be due to having more time at home for skincare routines, or the growing trend for glowing, fresh-looking skin that I’m seeing everywhere on social media! One of the first things Charlotte ever taught me was to always take great care of my skin. I never, ever, apply makeup without Charlotte’s Magic Cream and Magic Serum. They instantly give you glowing, hydrated, plumper looking skin and help your makeup glide on beautifully too.


I’m also loving the new Super Radiance Resurfacing Facial, to refresh, exfoliate and reset my skin. It’s unlike any other acid treatment I’ve ever tried because it works in two ways — first clearing your pores and exfoliating away dead skin cells and signs of greyness and tiredness, then adding radiance and hydration with ingredients like Polyglutamic Acid, Avocado Oil and Resurrection Leaf.


After cleaning, masking and moisturising, my ultimate secret for glowing, dewy skin is Charlotte’s Hollywood Flawless Filter – it is like a social media filter bottled! I like to use it underneath my foundation to get a “lit-from-within”, glowing finish, but you can also use it on its own for a fresh, dewy, no-makeup look; mixed with foundation for a flawless glow, or on the high points of the face like a highlighter.


Brow Fix Gel


Do you think women are opting for more at-home brow solutions today rather than in-salon treatments?

This time has empowered so many people to do their own brows, facials and beauty treatments at home! Charlotte’s new Supermodel Brow collection was all about decoding the supermodel brow so women can be educated and feel like they can create a perfect shape in minutes.


What are some tips you would share for doing our makeup when having to wear facemasks?

Face masks have become a part of daily life for us, but there’s no reason why we can’t still have fun with our makeup! Masks make the eyes the focus of the face, which I love, so lately I’ve been making my eyes look bigger, brighter and more mesmerising using Charlotte’s Hollywood Flawless Eye Filter Palettes and the Hollywood Exagger-Eyes Liner Duo, which play with the light to give you the look of wider, brighter eyes!


So many people have asked me how to prevent their makeup from transferring on to the fabric of their masks too, and I am loving the Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray for this. It’s a hydrating, fixing, magical beauty amplifier, inspired by the pore-blurring, smoothing effects of Charlotte’s world-famous Airbrush makeup family. I like to mist the setting spray all over my face before and after makeup to prime and set it for up to 16 hours! It weightlessly holds everything in place and helps stop your makeup from melting, creasing or transferring, and it smells incredible too.

Legendary Brows


As a finishing touch, I always apply my favourite lipstick. It might seem odd to wear lipstick with a facemask, but I wear it for myself. When I apply my Hyaluronic Happikiss in Pillow Talk, I feel confident, gorgeous and ready to take on anything.


What is your favourite brow trend currently that we should be aware of?

I am in love with full, feathery-looking brows right now, and I always like to focus on the arch and tail to create a lifted, youthful look. The new Brow Fix gel is my saviour for a natural-looking, lifted brow in seconds.



What about skincare in hotter weather, what would you recommend?

When it comes to dealing with heat and humidity, taking good care of your skin is key! With the combination of heat, air-conditioning and dehydration, your skin needs moisture. Women in the Middle East need to try Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir and Magic Cream Light. The serum is formulated with Polyglutamic Acid, Niacinamide and Golden Vitamin C, so it’s great for creating a glowing, hydrated, brighter looking canvas. Magic Cream Light was specifically created for humid, sweat-inducing weather—it has SPF20, triple protection against UVA/B rays, blue light and pollution and it’s humidity-proof, so perfect for local climates. It makes the skin appear smoother, firmer, brighter and hydrated.

Brow Lift in Dark Brown


I also love to use Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil in hotter weather! My lips get so dry after a day in the sun, and it’s easy to forget they need skincare too. Magic Lip Oil is like a serum for your lips that boosts lip volume by up to 70% in 4 weeks, I am addicted! To ensure my makeup looks flawless all day, I like to use the Airbrush makeup family! Every product has incredible hydrating, smoothing and pore-blurring effects that create instantly airbrushed-looking skin and they’re humidity and sweat-proof and transfer-resistant to keep you looking flawless from day to night. I use them on all of my celebrity clients before a red carpet event!


What is a message you would like to send to your fans and customers in the Middle East and can we expect to see you soon?

Charlotte and I absolutely love the Middle East, we’re always so blown away by the warmth, fun and vibrancy of the culture. I can’t wait to visit you all again soon.