A Look At Louis Vuitton’s Aquatic-Inspired Cruise Collection For 2024

Lindsay Judge   |   20-11-2023

The Cruise collection by Louis Vuitton was unveiled on the private island of Isola Bella, in Lake Maggiore.

The capsule was inspired by aquatic dwellings, but when the show was due to take place – in the gardens of the isle – nature reminded mankind who had the upper hand. 

Despite rain-stopping play and moving the show inside, the brand managed to take photos of the looks in the original gardens before the heavy rainfall commenced.

The foliage and mystery of the gardens in bloom created a beautiful, sensual backdrop for this collection. 

Set amongst the waters of Lake Maggiore, there was a sense of metamorphosis in the pieces presented in the show – moving from aquatic influences to those of the fauna of the isle. 

The colour palette also reflected the surroundings, with a myriad of blues, broken up by strong black-and-white statements. Curved lines and edges mirrored the effect of water and billowing fabrics reflected the sense of the wind catching the waves. 

Even the way fabrics were sewn gave the effect of movement with fluidity throughout the entire collection.