ASHI Studio Launches a Luxurious Loungewear Line

Lindsay Judge   |   10-05-2020

Beirut-based designer ASHI Studio has launched a luxurious loungewear line and new online e-commerce platform to support its upcoming collections


It’s no secret that while many of us are working from home, we are changing our habits when it comes to fashion. Loungewear has become a much bigger part of our lives as have the ways in which we are shopping. There is less focus on glamorous eveningwear and much more on comfort. While most of us are shopping online from home, rather than venturing out to malls and boutiques.



As a result of this, Ashi Studio has decided to change direction in which it showcases its couture collections and it will soon introduce new product lines that will be available on a new e-commerce platform.



The new e-commerce platform will start with the launch of Ashi Studio Loungewear. A luxurious option to comfort wear featuring beautiful fabrics such as pure silk and cashmere that can be worn both indoors and outdoors. With basic items such as cashmere tops and pants, to long silk robes, the 1950’s inspired loungewear collection- made of the highest quality materials- truly captures the elegant and luxurious spirit of the brand and is a new approach to the luxury of couture.



The photoshoot for the new loungewear line features iconic South African model Georgina Grenville. Georgina Grenville was a nineties icon and has graced many magazine covers over the years. She is seen lounging in the new line by Ashi Studio while at home with her family in Paris.



As a reaction to the current global pandemic and the many families that are struggling because of coronavirus, Ashi Studio has decided that proceeds from the loungewear line will be given to charities around the world that are helping families affected by COVID-19.


Image Credits: Director of Photography/ Videographer: Cheyne Tillier-Daly Styling: Gaultier Desandre Navarre  Production: WEIRD/FISHES/STUDIO  Director/ Photographer: Thibault-Théodore  Model Agency: Next Management  Model: Georgina Greenville Creative Concept: Ashi



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