Why Rouge Hermès is Your Summer Must-Have Beauty Line

Lindsay Judge   |   08-05-2020

Hermès has opened its world of beauty starting with an incredible line of lip products in the form of Rouge Hermès that embodies the brand’s elegance and style.


When Hermès creates a new line it’s not done without years of thought and planning and this new collection of beauty heroes are no different as Pierre-Alexis Dumas Artistic Director of Hermès explains: “We approach this new métier with our own language, that is to say, that we are expressing the beauty of Hermès, or Hermès’ vision of beauty… I believe beauty at Hermès is not about appearance, but about well-being. Beauty is a fundamental part of a natural quest for well-being.”



This lipstick is about emphasising your inner beauty through bold colours, irresistible textures and stylish packaging. “For Hermès Beauty, we have worked with a wide range of colours, degrees of translucence and shine, in a quest for excellence that is true to our identity and the needs of our customers” Dumas explains.



At Hermès archive in Lyon, samples of more than 75,000 colour references are kept on silk, each one represented an aspect of the brand and expressed through the ready-to-wear collections. It is these colours that were the inspiration for Hermès lipstick colours – the colours that we have seen throughout Hermès’ silks, leathers and cotton. From rich Rouge Casaque to the classic Hermès Orange Boîte.


The packaging was conceived as a piece of pocket jewellery – something that a woman would be proud to carry in their handbag every day.



Rouge Hermès is expressed in 24 hues: 10 matte finishes and 14 satin finishes. Both finishes are long-lasting and made with ingredients that are kinder to your skin. The matte finish is inspired by Doblis calfskin, with its soft appearance and powdery feel, while the latter takes its inspiration from the smooth luminosity of box calfskin that is commonly seen within the Hermès collections.


Each of the Rouge Hermès products are refillable as a service in Hermès stores. Discover the full range at Hermès stores now.




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