Pharrell Williams Rises To The Challenge Of “The Giant Before Him” With SS24 Louis Vuitton

Emma Hodgson   |   21-06-2023

The first menswear show by Pharrell Williams was always going to make headlines. Following the death of fashion titan Virgil Abloh in 2021, Williams himself acknowledged the colossal task of following the man he described as “the giant before me.”

On the night however, Williams could be proud of his achievements. There were universal themes throughout the show, such as joy and love (on the invitation to the event). Meanwhile, a motif of the sun – which he describes as the universal source of life – featured heavily throughout along with sun kissed golden decor used for the outdoor staging along Paris’ famous Pont Neuf bridge. The celebrity-packed audience arrived in style to the show, via private boat (also decked out in gold). 

An ode to Williams’ ability to layer creative projects in a mutually beneficial synergy, the soundtrack on the night was a “Joy Unspeakable” which the performer-turned-creative-director released the week prior to the show, performed on the night by Voices of Fire, the gospel choir who he first recruited via a 2020 Netflix series.

The menswear collection brought to life by Williams was one which stood true to the ethos of the label. The classic print and LV motifs were channeled throughout, including their iconic luggage gear. Meanwhile there were theatrical military touches, mixed with berets (a nod of course, to the maison’s roots). 

The capsule has further blurred creative lines, between music, the performance arts and the fashion world. A trend, which is likely to accelerate over the next decade. Overall, the collection set the bar high, for what is sure to be an exciting tenure by Williams at the label.