Peter Stephenson, Executive Director of Development at OMNIYAT on providing the Ultimate Luxury in Design and Development for the Future

Lindsay Judge   |   06-11-2020

The world of architecture and property development in the Gulf region has exploded over the last two decades.


The UAE in particular has truly seen some of the buildings of the future take root in its cities over the past 20 years. From the Burj Khalifa; the world’s tallest building, to the world’s largest 3D-printed building which was completed in 2019 and all the hundreds of ground-breaking building designs in between. The UAE has carved out a new genre of luxury living with its developments and it won’t be stopping any time soon!


OMNIYAT is one of the most visionary real-estate and development companies in the region. Its luxury buildings offer a lifestyle not just a piece of architecture. Designed for the most affluent of residents, OMNIYAT prides itself in having the most innovative, luxurious and unique ways of living. Working with some of the world’s leading architects, engineers, interior designers and artists, OMNIYAT has taken on some of the most ambitious projects in the region that are truly building for the future. The recent partnership with Dorchester Collection has seen OMNIYAT move into the realm of hotel development and complete the 360 lifestyle experience they offer. We discover more about some of the latest developments and the ways the company is pushing the boundaries in real estate development with Peter Stephenson, Executive Director of Development.


This year has been a strange one for all – how have you been continuing the developments within the region over these past months and are you still on track?

This year has certainly been different. During these unprecedented times, we have really focused on the delivery side of our business and trying to minimise the impact that the pandemic restrictions have had. For the most part, given that construction is a vital sector, we have been able to mitigate and keep things on track. We are especially excited about One at Palm Jumeirah, Dorchester Collection, Dubai, which currently stands at over 91% complete and construction is planned to be complete at the end of the year.


What makes Omniyat’s architecture and design unique in the Middle East and how do you think Omniyat is leading the way in development and construction in the region?

OMNIYAT always approaches development and design with our end user in mind. In other words, we focus on what our affluent clients are looking for and ensure we bring this to life. Of course for us, being a bespoke, high-end developer, that means curating unrivalled living environments for patrons of luxury looking for a lifestyle to match. At OMNIYAT we work with some of the best architects and designers around the world, true pioneers in their respective fields, and we challenge them to be daring when it comes to meeting our brief. We are passionate about developing unique and memorable projects that create value for all stakeholders.


One at Palm Jumeirah


Omniyat’s buildings offer true luxury – how do you elevate that experience for the residents and take it to the next level? 

Our clients are often looking for their second, third or even fourth home. They are discerning individuals looking for thoughtful layouts, quality detailing and finishes without compromise, maximum flexibility with technology through high-quality infrastructure and, most importantly, a discrete & secure living community. These core values in development are always the primary focus for OMNIYAT.


What are some of the trends you are seeing in the design of buildings currently? 

We try not to follow trends, but rather fuse flexibility with sophisticated design, allowing our end users to also tailor a space to their own desires. In addition to the design of a building, our clients also take into consideration the lifestyle a property brings; from the facilities and amenities to its location.


How are you working to develop the buildings more sustainably and can you tell us about Omniyat and sustainability in general? 


Sustainability is of course of great importance and consumers are becoming ever more sustainability-conscious. Through the design process, construction practices and operations we always strive to ensure a sustainable approach.


The Opus by Omniyat


You will soon be opening One at Palm Jumeirah, Dorchester Collection, Dubai can you tell us about the unique design of this tower? 

One at Palm Jumeirah, Dorchester Collection, Dubai, is a unique building housing the most sought-after residences in the epicentre of luxury. A prestigious address located on one of the world’s most astonishing landmarks, Palm Jumeirah, the development offers unparalleled views of the coast and the city including landmarks such as Burj Al Arab.


This 105m residential landmark houses 94 prestigious residences in the sky, with the interior design of this 910,000sq. ft architectural being brought to life by two of the world’s most sought after designers; London’s acclaimed interior design studio, Elicyon, and Japanese born design firm Super Potato. No two residences are the same, however, what all residences do have in common is an uncompromised luxury.


Additionally, residents will enjoy 55,000sq. ft of dedicated gardens and amenities including an unspoilt beachfront promenade accompanied by a private jetty and restaurants, alongside One at Palm Jumeirah Beach Club managed by Dorchester Collection. With lavish gardens cultivated by celebrity landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic, the residences include an expansive main pool, vitality pools and a 25m lap pool that provides plenty of space, privacy and security to relax in, not to mention the top of the range gym and spa facilities, lounge areas, business meeting rooms, and of course indoor cinema facilities.



Moving to The Opus by Omniyat, we know the building was initially designed by Zaha Hadid – how do you think her design style resonates with Omniyat as a brand? 

I think it resonates perfectly. Zaha Hadid was an inspirational figure in the world of architecture and part of her legacy lives on in The Opus by Omniyat. Her design style is sophisticated, daring, and memorable. We certainly strive to emulate that in our developments.


The Residences Dorchester Collection Duplex


The Residences, Dorchester Collection, Dubai again has a stunning design – what can you tell us about its development and any unique aspects of this building?

The Residences, Dorchester Collection, Dubai, was born from and has been conceptualised by leaders in their respective fields. Designed by international award-winning architects Foster and Partners, the design features two interconnected towers, one housing the world’s 10th Dorchester Collection hotel and the other consisting of only 39 fully furnished and fully serviced residences.


The interior design has been brought to life by Parisian Duo Gilles & Boissier, combining exquisite finishing, intricate detail and a sumptuous material palette with unique features such as floor to ceiling glass, allowing for expansive urban views, and magnificent terraces.


This issue is about the future. You have worked in construction for many years – in your opinion what does the future of architecture look like to you? 

Real Estate Development and its architecture respond to the aspirations and requirements of the end-user. Whilst there are of course overarching trends in technology and sustainability, I believe that the fundamentals of good design and the importance of detailing in luxury development don’t change.


One at Palm Jumeirah Duplex


What can you tell us about your upcoming projects in 2021? 

I can reveal that we have some very exciting projects on the drawing board but unfortunately can’t go into further detail at this stage. What I can say is, watch this space.


What is a building or construction in the world that you love the most? 

That is a very difficult question. To be honest, I have an emotional attachment to all of the projects I have been involved in and it has been an absolute pleasure to have played a role in bringing the three iconic developments in Dubai to life.