See Gucci’s New High Jewellery Pieces

Lindsay Judge   |   29-01-2023


Gucci revealed an exclusive selection of new Hortus Deliciarum High Jewellery pieces during Paris Haute Couture Week.


In the third chapter of this collection, the brand draws inspiration from the world of travel and the memorable moments that every journey can bring.



Hortus Deliciarum — meaning ‘Garden of Delights’ in Latin — blends Gucci’s rich heritage in Italian craftsmanship and its ever-distinctive creativity in one-of-a-kind masterpieces distinguished by unique artistry, exceptional quality, and acute attention to detail.



The new additions to the Hortus Deliciarum collection earrings, and multi-finger rings, are divided into different themes. The designs explore tantalizing facets of the natural and animal kingdom, placing jewellery artistry centre stage. These pieces evoke distant, exotic, and magical worlds, exciting the imagination with Gucci’s signature painterly approach to high jewellery craftsmanship.


A selection of pieces features fresh interpretations of Gucci’s distinctive Lion Head and Tiger Head motifs, symbolizing strength, courage, and passion. Flawless, fancy-cut vivid gemstones, from aquamarines to yellow sapphires, add vibrant touches to these dynamic designs.


The collection includes several new creations showcasing a captivating combination of multicoloured stones that are inspired by the concept of prismatic beauty and specifically designed to catch the light.



Other stunning pieces are distinguished by cascades of dancing diamonds, inspired by the beauty of shooting stars and the sparkling torrents of a waterfall. A highlight of this selection is a parure comprising a dazzling white gold necklace and matching drop earrings.


A yellow gold bracelet, meanwhile, showcases a diamond-embellished chevron pattern and an oval-shaped 16-carat rubellite tourmaline, offering a striking geometric interplay of straight lines and smooth curves. This exceptional creation takes 200 hours to produce.

Intricately crafted and full of surprising details, an ornate diamond parure pays homage to the majestic beauty of natural landscapes. A diamond-encrusted geometric chain necklace is teamed with a stunning round-cut mandarin garnet pendant embellished with dainty emerald leaves. This can be teamed with a matching pair of jacket earrings, also in fresh and surprising shades of green and mandarin, offering a dazzling 40.5 carats of jewels for the necklace and 15.3 carats for the earrings.



To complete the collection, new diamond-embellished solitaire rings shine in an array of hues that resemble the changing colours of the sky. A sculpted, white gold design mesmerizes with a hexagonal 14.7-carat tanzanite centrepiece, while three other white gold rings each present a heart-shaped gemstone in a vivid colour: a 9-carat blue tourmaline, a 12.6-carat peach tourmaline, or an 11.5-carat pink tourmaline.