This Luxury Watchmaker is Leading the Way in New Technology

Lindsay Judge   |   19-10-2020

Breitling has become the first luxury watchmaker to offer a digital passport based on blockchain for all of its new watches.


This new technology means that new watch owners can access Breitling’s new digital sphere thanks to blockchain technology which provides digital security and allows the owner to prove the authenticity and legitimacy of their ownership.


All new watches will be delivered to their owners with a block-chain digital passport, secured by Arianee technology to ensure their authenticity and accessibility. This allows the owner complete security as well as an enhanced services in customer relations and offers them access to essential information, repair-tracking guarantees and insurance for theft or loss.


Breitling is the first luxury watchmaker to offer this kind of blockchain innovation. Beyond the authenticity of each product, the digital passport is at the heart of a new ecosystem of digital services for Breitling watch owners. The passport is automatically connected to Breitling’s digital warranty program and it also allows owners to track and initiate repairs.




Each new Breitling watch will include a private and unique digital passport. Watch owners can simply scan their electronic guarantee card with their smartphone camera to automatically download the private, encrypted digital wallet, which safely stores the digital passport.


This passport contains every detail of the owner’s watch, including its serial number, and the product is time-stamped with the activation date of its digital warranty and its purchase. Accessible only through the digital wallet, this passport includes a transfer feature that allows the owner to prove the watch’s authenticity and assess its ownership, as well as an option to transfer the watch if the current owner desires.


This innovative new feature enhances watch ownership, as owners now no longer need to present a physical certificate of authenticity for their Breitling watches. Furthermore, watch owners can safely and securely transfer this certificate in case of resale. With this blockchain-based digital passport, collectors no longer need to retain paper documents, and instead can freely consult with Breitling more efficiently and anonymously thanks to an embedded chat feature.


Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling said:

“The successful launch of the Top Time last March underlined how many benefits Breitling owners could get through a sustained relationship with the brand. This is why, as of today, we are offering the Breitling digital passport with every new Breitling watch without exception! By offering a comprehensive range of innovative services for their watches, we are concretely providing our clients with the inclusivity that characterizes our belief and approach at Breitling. Stay tuned as we are about to announce another significant change for our clients, again increasing the value of our watches.”