Special Episode: Morning Coffee with Mr Pascal Raffy, Owner of Bovet Watches

Hayley Kadrou   |   13 - 03 - 2019

For a special episode of Morning Coffee, A&E TV sits down with Mr Pascal Raffy, who took over the iconic brand Bovet Watches in 2001.


While the Swiss brand has been established since 1822, Mr Pascal Raffy has been the owner of the luxury watchmaking company since 2001. Yet his passion for it and the industry at large is inescapable, and he even considers the house of Bovet as another one of his children.


Sitting down with A&E over Morning Coffee, he chatted through everything from his personal motto to the true meaning of luxury.



Watch the full interview video with him above, and see what we discovered talking to him below.


Five Things We Learned Talking to Mr Pascal Raffy Over Morning Coffee


Bovet Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter One

Bovet Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter One


The meaning of true luxury 


As the owner of such a brand, Mr Raffy should know. He said: “With true luxury, I think nowadays people get confused. Luxury is only three things; a clear identity with a small quantity, absolutely handcrafted… and all implanted to a philosophy.”


On dealing with competition


When asked what sets his brand apart from the rest of the watchmaking houses, he said: “When you are solid on your values, you don’t need to compare your house to anybody else. You respect absolutely everyone. ” He added that each house should respect everyone’s projects and values while they stick to their own.


A sincere smile is something you can’t buy


When speaking about his biggest challenge taking over Bovet, Mr Raffy: said “The only thing you can never finance with your wealth is a sincere smile.”


Mr Rafffy continued: “A sincere smile that translates to a house with 102 artisans, who must all share the same values that you want to defend in your watchmaking –  this is the biggest challenge. The first asset of the house is this victory.”


Challenges are the oxygen of life 


The entrepreneur’s motto? “We need challenges every morning. It’s much better than the contrary. Challenges are the oxygen of life.”


Generosity is strength


When speaking about the legacy he wants to leave behind, the owner of Bovet Watches felt it was important to be remembered for his generosity as well as all the things he’s achieved.


He said: “To be generous does not mean you are weak. It means the contrary.”



Mr Pascal Raffy talks through his mottos in life

Mr Pascal Raffy talks through his mottos in life


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