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Diana Bell-Heather   |   02 - 05 - 2018

Michelle Doherty


Less product, less time and more effective results. Doesn’t that sound like a dream combination? Well dream no more as Alpha-H have everything you need for a flawless complexion.


Australian brand has been gradually growing their fan base around the world for years with Michelle Doherty at the helm sharing her in-depth knowledge of everything skin and striving to help customers get the best possible results. The brand hit the cult status with the release of Liquid Gold with one being sold every minute of every hour. What makes it a must-have on any beauty shelf? It targets almost every skin concern and can be used on it’s own up to three nights a week without adding a serum or cream.


Despite a history stretching back over twenty years, the core message remains unchanged; Alpha-H is committed to achieving clinical results with minimal effort and zero downtime. Here we speak to Doherty about how she grew her beauty empire and get tips on the best ways to look after our skin.


Newest launch, Liquid Gold Firming eye cream.


What sets Alpha-H apart?

Minimum effort, minimum amount of product you add to your skin but maximum gain. I’m not dissing any brand, but you take Korean beauty for example, with every layer of product you add to your skin you add more preservatives. A lot of the time it’s the problems we create because we’re doing too much and we’re not allowing the skin to function as it should. Our approach is key ingredients with a minimal amount of time, all our products are sustainable as they’re multi-functional.


How has the beauty industry changed?

The consumer is driving the growth because they want to be with brands that are honest and have that engagement. We have customer care and beauty advisors around the globe. We are good at listening to our customers.


Why is Liquid Gold such a phenomenon?

It’s a game changer. Three nights a week you can retire your serum, your toner, your exfoliator, your moisturiser and just use Liquid Gold and it’s going to work as well as all these products.


How do we use individual vitamins on our skin?

We really encourage our customer to see what their day looks like for their skin. If you’re going to be indoors then you grab your vitamin B because you want to have that extra hydration. If you’re going to be outdoors on the beach, then you’d go for your vitamin C because it will shield the skin from more UV damage and prevent the manufacturing of pigmentation. If you want comfort then choose vitamin E. We are not getting the same level of nutrition and vitamins from our food because of the soil being so depleted in nutrients, so it makes sense to put vitamins on the skin.


Liquid Gold.


What have you noticed about skincare in the region?

They tend to cover problems up than treat them. I did that for 14 years and so it was liberating for me to have this freedom of not getting up and putting eight layers of makeup on. I find here that they would buy a thicker concealer or a thicker foundation when perhaps it’s better to treat the skin. And you can’t just do one cleanse, you have to double cleanse.


What products would you recommend for this region?

Vitamin profiling because it gives you options, you can pick what your skin needs. Definitely SPF and we formulate ours at 50+ which is wearable and works as moisturiser and a primer.


Can you describe your morning and evening beauty regimes?

Really minimal. I cleanse in the morning with a Triple Action Cleanser, then a vitamin serum either B or C and SPF, and if I’m busy I’ll put on the Daily Essential moisturiser. In the evening I love my ‘lazy girl’ nights on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays which are my Liquid Gold nights, and on other nights I use my Vitamin A Serum followed by Vitamin E and then I use the Liquid Gold Firming eye cream and my Liquid Gold cream.


What advice would you share with women thinking of launching their own business?

You want to create a product with a point of difference as you’re competing with aggressive companies that have a lot of weight behind them. What we’ve done is create genius formulation. I’m always looking at keeping a very tight collection and to make sure we’re always relevant. We launched a mist last year that helps to neutralize blue light rays and anti-pollution so we’re always looking at current concerns, and the fact that all these technologies created a new type of ageing for the skin.


What’s the next skin concern remedy you’re working on?

Over sensitivity, when people are using too many products and products that are not compatible with one another.


Vitamin Profiling.


Do you have a beauty muse?

Years ago, before I created Alpha-H, I was in pharmacy and used to work for Elizabeth Arden and used to sell Mary Quant, which is an iconic English brand. She inspired me for standing out and being different and being okay with being different.


Best advice you’ve ever received?

It’s okay to make a mistake, it’s how you move forward. Don’t be afraid of failure.


Tea or coffee?

Coffee, but I’d like to be more herbal tea.


Who do you follow on Instagram?

I follow lots of people on Instagram. I love natural girls, women who can communicate on how it really is.


Do you use any apps on your phone?

A lot of fitness ones I look at every day and wish I had time to do it! And I also listen to podcasts.


Last book you read?

A really scary book called ‘Good Me, Bad Me’.


What’s on your playlist?

All sorts of things. Relaxing music to help me unwind. I like R&B, I like Iggy Azalea, Snoop Dog but I tend now to love Sam Smith. All sorts of music.


Sleep Power Peel


Last movie you saw?

I watch all the movies on the plane. I love TV series like Billions and Victoria.


Your dream travel destination?

I’m very at home when I’m in England and I like to holiday in Dubai, Hawaii and New Zealand.


What is your long-term vision for Alpha-H?

Becoming more sustainable. We are making small changes often which will make a big a change for the planet.


Alpha-H is available at Bloomingdale’s, Dubai Mall.


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