Insiders Guide to Henry Jacques Parfums

Lindsay Judge   |   04 - 08 - 2018

Parfums Henry Jacques


Parfums Henry Jacques was born from the love of the old French perfume tradition, by its founder Henry Cremona. Henry was a world traveller who drew inspiration for his fragrances from childhood dreams of faraway lands.


Today, the family business is run by CEO and daughter of Henry, Anne-Lise Cremona. Anne-Lise has one aim; to strive to enhance an already towering legacy.


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If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of Henry Jaques before, that’s because, for many years, the niche luxury fragrance house worked discreetly to satisfy the requests of its private clients. Only recently had it expanded, opening to the public with a handful of boutiques.


Parfums Henry Jacques


So what’s it all about? This luxury fragrance brand has grown and grown every year fuelled by a passion and love for fragrance. It’s laboratory, in the heart of Provence houses a maze of over a thousand scents. Not altered by fads and fashions, Henry Jacques focuses on the art of the great perfumers, and producing a truly exclusive experience for its customers.


Henry Jacques perfumes are mainly composed of premium natural essences found at all corners of the world. The qualities of natural essences are as varied as the flowers from which they are extracted, ingredients interact, change and harmonise with each other to create a perfect balance.


Henry Jacques has consciously decided never to subject itself to the constraints of a conventional boutique. A small exclusive business for which the conventional distribution and scale and pressure of volumes has never been the plan. However this changed, and with months of reflection and purpose, Parfum Henry Jacques opened their first boutiques.


Designed by Christophe Tollemer each boutique is created as a haven inspired by the elegance and curiosity of the brand. Carefully designed, the perfumes are hidden from sight in the stores, waiting to be discovered.


Parfums Henry Jacques


Over the years Parfum Henry Jacques has taken up the challenge of forming a selection of perfumes representative of the immense work the brand has accomplished. With a collection of fifty Essences, Henry Jacques is bringing back the beauty of a gesture.


A few drops of essence will leave a lasting memory on the mind.  Such a fine collection could not have been conceived without experience and knowledge painstakingly transmitted over several generations.


The Les Classiques de HJ collection for men and women brings back the elegant gesture of applying perfume to the skin. A universal appeal seems written into the fifty formulas, speaking to all with the force of a memory or an impression of life.


The fragrances are beautifully set in a sleek crystal bottle. Each Classique is presented in a case that expresses the same philosophy of utter refinement free from fad or ostentation. A varnished wood case is generously embellished with gold leaf. It opens up to reveal the bottle delicately resting on a silk cushion.


“My main concern for Henry Jacques is longevity while keeping with the art of perfumery,” explains Anne-Lise Cremona, CEO and daughter of Henry Cremona.


Henry Jacques Voyage is a new collection of perfume cases. The travel case feature precious leathers with sumptuous, contemporary chic.


Designed to hold the new 15ml bottles of Les Classiques de Henry Jacques. The perfume house has built up a very personal and noble perception of travelling, which they choose to express through visionary style and timeless elegance.


The cases are available for three or five bottles, and sixteen in the Vanity version. The line also includes the single bottle case. Four different shades of leather are offered: black, brown and green anguille as well black agneau.


The Caves à Parfums perfume chests and cabinets have been designed to elegantly hold ten or fifteen crystal bottles from the Classiques de Henry Jacques line.


Henry Jacques

“Henry Jacques embodies an ideal of creativity, quality and authenticity. If those principles are abandoned, emotion is lost and a tyranny of short-term thinking sets in,” adds Cremona.


Parfums Henry Jacques boutique is located in Dubai Mall. As well as Paris, London and Singapore, Visit www.parfums- for more information.