In Conversation: Michael Kors New Fragrance

Eliza Scarborough   |   11 - 11 - 2017

‘Glam Ruby is the story of strong women. Women who know what they want and go after it.’ – Michael Kors.


Michael Kors introduces new fragrance Glam Ruby, inspired by the unique link between seduction, strength, and glamour, where fantasy meets femininity and a woman is her sexiest.


Boldly luxurious, brilliantly faceted, and glamorously mesmerising, this fragrance is a modern chypre that sparkles with fiery sensuality. Here, we have an exclusive chat with Michael Kors about his new launch, together with a glimpse of the campaign by renowned photographer and director Mario Testino, starring Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute.   


What kind of woman is this fragrance made for?

Glam Ruby is made for the Michael Kors woman. Someone who is smart, strong, sophisticated, confident, and knows what she wants.


When you imagine the Michael Kors woman wearing this fragrance, where is she and what is she wearing?

It’s less about what you wear with Glam Ruby, and more about how you wear it. You want to wear it with whatever makes you feel sexiest, whether that’s a luxe cashmere sweater or a sky-high stiletto and low-cut dress. Glam Ruby will bring out your sensual and seductive side.


The beautiful packaging represents the precious gem that the fragrance is named after. Why was ‘ruby’ chosen?

The ruby is one of the most iconic gemstones that for centuries, has represented passion and power.


How do the key ingredients of the fragrance encapsulate the spirit of the brand?

I have always loved floral notes, especially jasmine. But what makes Glam Ruby modern and powerful are the unexpected notes: apricot, pepper, vanilla bean. It’s a mix of classic and new, old-school glamour and surprising intrigue, which is very Michael Kors.



How do you feel fragrance helps to accentuate a woman’s confidence and power?

Women have a wardrobe of clothes and handbags and I think having a diverse range of scents is just as important. Fragrance has such an incredible transformative power and can be used to boost your confidence, embrace your sensuality, or unleash an adventurous spirit.


What does ‘glamour’ mean to you?

Glamour isn’t about being in the most opulent dress, it’s the confidence you possess even when you’re wearing jeans and a soft t-shirt.


Can you give us an example of a strong and glamorous woman that you admire?

I was raised in a house full of confident, opinionated women, and they have always been my muses. I was surrounded by that at home, and then growing up I was obsessed with the paparazzi images of female icons like Jackie Kennedy and Lauren Hutton, women who balance strength with glamour.


Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute stars in the campaign, can you tell us about why she was chosen to represent this fragrance?

Edita is a force, she’s smart, she’s funny and she has amazing energy. The campaign is all about the sensuality of fragrance. It’s about unleashing the power and fire that live inside women, and I think Edita really projects the glamourous strength that’s at the core of Glam Ruby.


Can you explain the inspiration behind the campaign story, and how it reflects the mood of the fragrance?

The Glam Ruby campaign is about unleashing the power and fire within. It’s glam, sure, but it also shows the fragrance’s ability to transport you to a different moment and mindset.



Do you feel Michael Kors is a brand that focusses on female empowerment in general?

Absolutely. That’s why I do what I do, I love to help women look and feel their best.


Is this new fragrance in-keeping with the existing family of Michael Kors fragrances or does it represent a new departure for the brand?

In all our fragrances we strive to tell the story of women who know what they want and go after it. Glam Ruby is an evolution of our Glam fragrance line in that it is bolder in its luxuriousness than the previous scents. Glam Ruby is glamorous, but it’s a very a modern take on glamour that isn’t confined by time of day or occasion. It is for anytime when you want to feel glamorous, strong, and sensual.



How do you continue to engage on a personal level with the Michael Kors woman in this overly-saturated luxury environment that is ruled by social media?

I’ve always loved meeting and talking with my customers, and that is still true today. I’m one of the few designers who still does trunk shows! And I think, social media is an extension of a trunk show. It’s a great way to engage with your customers and have a genuine conversation.


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