You Can Now Get Balmain Hair Extensions At Jetset Dubai!

Natalie Hanson   |   15 - 06 - 2017

If you’ve ever wanted to have the luscious locks of one of the girls from the Balmain Army then the wait is over!

It’s a combination made in heaven that has now made its way to the UAE; luxury fashion meets beauty as Balmain Hair Extensions are now available at Jetset Dubai. In honour of the occasion, Jetset has released an exclusive fashion and beauty shoot created by celebrity hair stylists Simone and Wael at Jetset.

They also asked Guido Reiger, the Balmain International Master Trainer, some questions about the quintessential Balmain woman:

Q: Who is the typical Balmain woman and what’s her lifestyle?

A: The typical Balmain Woman has a strong sense of self. She follows her heart in everything she does. She only commits to things which feel true and good. She is not to impressed by what others might think of her. She trusts and believes in her intuition so naturally it is reflected in her looks; they are strong, clean and express how she feels!

Q: What are the key summer hair trends?

A: As my colleague and dear friend, our Creative Director of Balmain Hair Nabil Harlow, said; ‘spring summer 17 hair has a sun exposed feeling.’ The sensation of a vacation! It is also a statement look that comes from within. To share a free and alive character beyond any edges. He envisioned for this season a beautiful, all summer long, dry texture. Working with this energy and light inspired Nabil to create the ultimate couture summer look

Q: Talk to us about the exciting JETSET x Balmain Paris fashion and beauty shoot that you just shot?

A: I am most excited about this unique collaboration between JetSet and Balmain Hair Couture Paris. We translated the Balmain couture runway look into real everyday wearable looks for their clientele and by that we created an ultimate strong statement and visuals together! Teaming up with so much talent, passion and love for our industry delivered the amazing results!

Q: How was it working with master celebrity stylists, Simone Resta and Wael at JETSET?

A: Working with Wael and Simone Resta was such a pleasure! They are very talented and such nice people. I am very honoured to have met and worked with such incredible talented guys. Simone is already a very experienced and established editorial stylist, Wael is just entering the editorial and session world with so much talent and has a bright future! Teaming up with them was such a pleasant experience for me!

Q: Tell us your top tips and backstage secrets?

A: The best backstage secret is always have the vision of the result in your mind and give it all you’ve got! Be humble, stay open to learning and let others be involved and inspire you…and by the way, never work without Balmain Hair Couture.

Q: What is your go-to Balmain product from the collection?

My ultimate go-to Balmain Hair Couture Product is our ‘Signature Foundation.’ It is the very foundation we always use before applying any styling product (just like you would apply foundation on the skin first before the rest of the make-up) because it will make your results longer lasting whilst never damaging your hair!

Q: Who is the iconic Balmain celebrity?

A: Well in the past we have had Brigitte Bardot, Marlene Dietrich, the Queen of Thailand, Grace Kelly and many more. Today we have, of course, Kim Kardashian who is the Balmain woman, as well as Coco Rochas, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Noemi Lenoir.

You can book in to get the Balmain Hair Extension look at JETSET now;