15 Minutes With… Marina Afonina of Albus Lumen

Diana Bell-Heather   |   07 - 07 - 2018


The founder of Australia label Albus Lumen reveals her plans for the future of her brand and what she’s packing in her suitcase this summer.


Who is the Albus Lumen woman?

Albus Lumen woman is well travelled, independent, confident and lady of elegance and simplicity.


How would you describe the brand in 3 words?

Confidence in simplicity, minimalism and craftmanship.


Many are choosing timelessness over trend driven pieces, why do you think that is?

It’s has a longevity. Trends come and go but something classic and timeless always will stay. You never get bored of it.


There is a certain beauty in simplicity, what are your tips to minimalist dressing?

Less is more.


What do you think has been the key to building a strong identity?

Experience, travelling and being exposed to different cultures.


These pieces look ideal for vacation dressing, what do you pack in your suitcase?

Classic linen shirt, well cut pant suit and long sleeve light weight dress which you can dress up or dress down.


Can you tell us about your personal style?

Very minimal. I keep it very simple and understated. In summer I always dress in Albus – linen suits, dressers etc. In winter I am always in black cashmere sweaters and pants.


What do you think about a woman’s relationship with her clothes?

It’s such a personal thing. The main thing is understanding who you truly are and take a pride in it. Clothes is really to compliment that.


Can you share with us the best piece of advice you ever received?

Stay true to yourself.


What is next for Albus Lumen?

Evolving more into Ready-to-Wear. Working with different fabrications such as wool. Albus Lumen is all about way of living, travel and life style so I want to create a perfect collections to fit into this.


Where did the name come from?

Albus Lumen – meaning white light in Latin. I wanted the name that represented lightness and positivity.


Which celebrities have worn your designs?

Lara Worthington, Elle Macpherson, Phoebe Tonkin, Elsa Pataki, Elena Perminova, Sara Donaldson, Margaret Zhang, Christine Centenera, Tessa James, Sophia Richie etc….



What are the most important considerations for you when designing?

What a real woman would want to wear.  Quality, effortless wear, timeless….


Where are your fabrics sourced and garments made? 

Australian and New Zealand made. All our fabrics natural fibres.


Do you employ and special making techniques, high tech fabrics or new technologies to make your garments?

I have special makers for specific fabrications such as lines, cotton drills, tailoring and delicate silks, swim etc… all have different makers.


Why are Australians world leaders when it comes to swim and what do you think the rest of the world likes about our beach-side style?

We have a perfect climate and beaches for it. Swim is an Australian culture.


Albus Lumen is available on matchesfashion.com.