Behind The Scenes: Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker Pop-Up

Diana Bell-Heather   |   17 - 09 - 2017

Dolce and Gabbana sneakers dubai


Dolce and Gabbana sneakers dubai


We headed down to Harvey Nichols in the Mall of the Emirates to get a first hand experience of the Dolce & Gabbana sneaker pop-up.


Personlisation has become a big trend among the fashion savvy who want to show off their individuality in a stylish way. At the pop-up for both men and women, you are in charge of the final look and will come away with a bespoke item that is completely you.


Set up across Levels 1 and 2 of the store, start by choosing your perfect sneakers. All have a raised platform and are designed for comfortable wear throughout the day.


Next head on over to the creative team and choose your embroidered patches. We hear ‘King’ and the ‘crown’ are especially popular with men, clearly not shying away from making a statement.


Then visit the artists who will hand paint on anything you want, be it a favourite quote or a name. The choice is vast, the only thing you’ll struggle with is how not to get carried away.


Ideal as a gift to yourself or someone special, you have up to the end of October to create your own masterpiece. And if sneakers aren’t your thing, you also have an option of decorating one of their T-shirts.


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