Natalie Hanson   |   06 - 02 - 2017

Lady Gaga dazzled the audience and the world last night in an upbeat, high-energy, glittering half-time show at Super Bowl 51.

HOUSTON - FEBRUARY 5: Lady Gaga performs at halftime at NRG Stadium in the Super Bowl. The Atlanta Falcons play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium in Houston on Feb. 5, 2017. (Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The event took place in Houston, Texas USA, and although this is the game that decides which American football team is the World Champion, the half-time show has long been the main focal point of the evening drawing an audience far bigger than sports fans alone.

Whoever is chosen to perform each year has big shoes to fill; some of the most talented artists ever have graced the stage at Super Bowl half-time, including Prince, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson.


From left to right: Beyoncé at Superbowl 50, Prince at Superbowl 41, Michael Jackson at Superbowl 27.

This year, Lady Gaga had the honour of being the headline act and she certainly delivered a spectacular performance full of all the excitement and showmanship that the world has come to expect when they tune in.

Her performance started dramatically with her stood on top of the arena, singing ‘God bless America’ while a starry backdrop glittered into the shape of the American flag.

She then jumped off the edge and abseiled face-first down to the stage where she launched into a medley of her greatest hits, including ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Born this way.’


At one point, when she sat down to play the piano she addressed the audience and said, ‘we’re here to feel good; do you want to feel good with us?’ It was clear from the crowd’s enthusiastic reaction that she was achieving her aim perfectly.

Her outfit choices certainly did not disappoint. She started the performance in a glittering silver body suit made by Atelier Versace with matching boots and sparkling eye-mask.

Lady-Gaga-Super-Bowl-Outfits-2017 2

Gaga even managed a costume change, switching into another Atelier Versace creation for her finale performance of ‘Bad Romance.’ It was an American football inspired piece with fully embroidered hot-pants and a cropped sculptural white jacket.


She finished the show by dropping her mic in a triumphant gesture and made her exit by jumping off the stage to catch an American football while fireworks filled the arena and the crowd roared in appreciation.

By Natalie Hanson