Coco Chanel’s Desk Sells At Auction

Diana Bell-Heather   |   02 - 05 - 2018


Ritz-Paris Hotel auction off 10,000 pieces of antique furniture including Coco Chanel’s desk.


The glittering property was home to the famous designer and from the Coco Chanel Suite, a desk and chair sold for $223,860, which is 300 times the it’s estimate. Chanel lived in a second-floor suite from 1937 until her death in 1971 with the space becoming one of the key fashion landmarks in Paris.



Following hotel’s recent renovation, certain pieces of furniture as well as chandeliers, vintage bed linens, bathrobes, rugs, statues and art did not fit in with the new style and were in need of a new home. The total from the auction hit an impressive $8,952,337, setting a world record that’s almost nine times the estimated total of about $1 million.


Other highlights included a gilded bed on which Audrey Hepburn lounged in Love in the Afternoon which was part of the hotel exhibition of antique items last month.


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