Music Picks: Mashrou’ Leila “ROMAN”

Dana Mortada   |   08 - 09 - 2017

We are absolutely falling in love with the latest hit single by the infamous Lebanese alternative rock band Mashrou’ Leila called “Roman”, in collaboration with the talented director Jessy Moussallem to deliver an expressive “ode to the strength and grace of Arab women and their continuous fight for feminist action.” This won’t be the first thought provoking video for the band to release world-wide.

The Arabic song lyrics translate to: “how can you sell me to the Romans … how did I lose you to the Romans?” referencing to the ancient Roman occupation over Lebanon as a resemblance to male dominance.

“Equality. Solidarity. Intersectionality”- the band states on their Facebook page when they first announced the release of this latest single. Clearly, with this music video intentionally shares the band’s opinion on fighting the stereotypical narratives that Arab women are victims of oppression, and how they should fight for their own rights. 

Now hit the auto-repeat button and enjoy!