My Life, My Style: Shahad Ballan

Eliza Scarborough   |   03 - 11 - 2017


Entertainment Tonight Bil Arabi host Shahad is as stylish off screen as she is on, summing up her personal style as casual with a healthy dose of glamour. Whether it is a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a chic dress, the shoe addict will always accessorise her look with a pair of towering heels from her extensive collection.


Beginning her career in television with a chance encounter, Shahad was first seen on the red carpet when she was a researcher escorting a guest for an interview. After graduating from studying film making, and while working in her first job as a researcher, a producer spotted Shahad and asked if she would be interested in working on a pilot show. Without experience in presenting, and in the space of one week, she made the big leap from being a researcher to becoming a presenter on her own show. This move into television was the catalyst for Ballan to develop her taste in style, as growing up she tended to only wear black. Dressing for the camera meant stepping out of her comfort zone and experimenting with colour, working out what she liked and what worked for her.


I tend to do my shopping abroad as it is better for price and there is always more of a selection than what you will find in Dubai. I found this bag when shopping in Paris after falling in love with the campaign, so when I saw it in maroon I had to purchase it, partly because I felt that the colour goes with everything throughout the seasons, and I like how it can be worn in different ways, with or without the chain.


I love taking pictures and always have done since I was young, particularly having a passion for collecting cameras. I enjoy taking spontaneous pictures that speak and relay raw emotion, so will always carry a camera with me, however small my bag is. This particular model is by Canon and is great for Instagram posts too, as it has a flip screen and can easily be connected to my phone through WIFI.


This pair of Chanel shoes remind me of my mother, as they are both stylish and classic. When I was younger I would try on her shoes and walk around in them, which I think was the start of my love for heels. These sling back pumps are really comfortable with the mid-heel, yet still chic and stylish.


When presenting I am always standing for hours, and since I am the shortest presenter I will always wear heels when filming, so I always look for comfortable styles. These Saint Laurent Tribute sandals may not look it, but for long hours they are ideal, so when I find a style that I know I can use a lot, I will make the investment and purchase them in many shades.


I first came across the brand Self Portrait when it caught my attention on Instagram because of the combinations of lace, patterns, and colours, yet I didn’t realise it was stocked in Dubai until I walked past it in Harvey Nichols. It is now one of my go-to designers for my TV work wardrobe, as they tend to be the perfect length, and conservative yet still sexy.


I own many pairs of sunglasses and this Dior pair is the latest in my collection. They are an updated aviator style, and I like how they are unique with their vintage yet modern style. In general, I tend to wear large oversized styles that look glamorous, especially because my face shape doesn’t work as well with smaller, more delicate shapes.


Jeans are my everyday uniform, and I think that every woman should have a classic pair of non-ripped jeans in their wardrobe which are elegant and can be worn for either a casual meeting or in the evening with heels. These are the first jeans I have bought from Abercrombie & Fitch, but they are the perfect cut, high waisted to emphasise your bum and waist, with a skinny leg and ankle crop.


I first smelt this Carolina Herrera scent on my sister after I bought her the perfume as a gift, and then fell in love so had to get it for myself! Also, I am a shoe addict so I find the packaging such a creative way to present the perfume product. When it comes to fragrances. I tend to wear different perfumes for different parts of the days, with stronger oud scents in the evening.


By Eliza Scarborough
Photographer: Henry Pascual



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