Middle Eastern ladies will enjoy this luxury health and wellness retreat in London’s Belgravia over the summer

Hershey Pascual   |   06 - 06 - 2016

Relaxation Room

Those of you escaping the heat of the Middle East for more cooler summer destinations, like London, will be keen to learn about health hot spot Grace Belgravia. It’s the perfect, ladies only, all-day getaway. As for the location, the name speaks for itself. It’s nestled in the heart of prestigious London’s Belgravia.

Built on the philosophy that to thrive in today’s society we need to invest in our greatest asset, our health, Grace Belgravia invites women of the GCC to experience the best of wellness in the heart of historic London.  This ideal summer getaway allows women to escape the desert heat and delve into an idyllic, European break to reboot, rejuvenate and relax in world-class facilities with a range of summer membership packages.

Grace Belgravia Atrium

Summer at Grace Belgravia offers a home away from home for your health and happiness. It’s an ideal place to restore, reset and revive body and mind. The renowned five elements of Grace combine to create the blueprint for healthy living: Grace spa for your urban escape; Grace gym to achieve true fitness; Grace events for a range of distinct offerings; Grace medical and wellbeing clinic for both men and women searching for preventative medicine and ageing well; and finally Grace bar and restaurant for high quality, freshly prepared and deliciously healthy delights.

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Coming up, there’s a dynamic and eclectic mix of events and networking occasions that range in areas of arts, fashion, culture, current affairs, health and wellbeing. Highlights include an educational ‘Stem sell rejuvenation’ evening with Dr Olivier Amar, an exquisite Christie’s pre-auction drinks reception, an informative Business Breakfast with Quintessentially and step into ‘Exploring mindfulness through hypnosis with Terrence the teacher’ amongst many other topical and insightful sessions.

One membership that is highlighted, over the summer, is the “Grace remodelage membership.” Remodelage is the French slimming and toning technique created by Martine de Richeville. More than 15 years ago she developed and patented this manual treatment designed to reshape the silhouette and free the body of toxins. In contrast to other weight-loss treatments, it works on deep skin layers and softens old fat deposits. It rejuvenates the body’s circulation and, as a result, oxygenates the skin whilst liberating toxins and fat so they can be eliminated naturally. After only one session, the detoxification process starts with a lightness feeling and wellbeing sensation. After a course, your body will be re-sculpted and feel significantly cleaner. The membership entitles guests to a number of enticing perks including an induction with team members, a dedicated coordinator, spa and skin assessment sessions, personal training sessions and much more.

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Other membership information:

Grace Medical membership: £2,125 for three months; £1,000 to be used as credit in the medical clinic.

Summer memberships offers:

One week £250; one month £395; two Months £750; three months £1,000. Available through May, June, July and August. Complimentary gym classes limited to three per week. 

Visit www.gracebelgravia.com for more information.