Top 5 Countries To Visit In 2018

Dana Mortada   |   06 - 01 - 2018

South Africa

Great Wall of China

Malta Valletta

Old Town Tbilisi

New Zealand

New year calls for new adventures and we have been working on our travel wish list of the top countries to visit in 2018.


For nature nothing can beat New Zealand for dramatic landscape while China is a must for a culture fix, especially if you’ve been dreaming of walking over The Great Wall of China. Malta and Georgia may not be somewhere you first consider but the Valletta, capital of Malta, has been named European Capital Of Culture 2018 while Old Town Tbilisi is a popular spot for historic discovery.


Finally, South Africa offers such a wide variety of experiences to suit any taste and is a must for anyone who is obsessed with wildlife. There will be a particular air of joy this year as they celebrate the centenary of Nelson Mandela.


Click through the top five countries to visit and start adding some adventures to your calendar.



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