5 Celebrity fitness and health tips worth listening to…

Hershey Pascual   |   31 - 07 - 2016

What better way to get inspired to keep fit and loose weight than taking tips from these toned, healthy A-listers. Here are some achievable health suggestions from food to exercise advice.

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[Image from Instagram – J.Lo wearing Balmain to celebrate her birthday.]

Jennifer Lopez

Food & Drink:  J.Lo likes to have green tea in the morning instead of coffee. You’ll still get enough of a jolt in the morning, but it won’t have all the naughtiness like milk and sugar.

Fitness: Her trainer David Kirsch explains how she keeps her bum looking incredible: “Start with your legs slightly wider than hip-width apart. Lift your right leg from the knee and move it in a circular roundhouse. Land out to the side, wider than you started, and immediately squat down, channeling a real sumo wrestler. As you come out of the squat, lift your right leg and kick out, leading with your heel. Do two to three sets of 15 to 20 reps.”

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[Image from Instagram – Gigi Hadid shows offer model figure.]

Gigi Hadid

Food & Drink: The model likes to drink green juice but she also thinks moderation is key so she won’t avoid a good burger occasionally.

Fitness: She’s dedicated to an hour-long workout session with her trainer Rob Piela. Hadid said: “You get so into it mentally that you forget you’re working out, so by the end of the hour, you always want more.” Working out is a proven stress reducer, but if can’t afford a trainer just make sure you do a good workout for an hour at your gym mixing cardio and weights into your training programme.

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[Image from Instagram – The supermodel looks super toned.]

Adriana Lima

Food & Drink:  The Victoria’s Secret model’s diet secret is to never skip breakfast. We suggest having porridge with fruit, egg whites, or muesli with yogurt and honey.

Fitness: Adriana Lima likes to keep fit by boxing. Here, she looks ripped after a session with her boxing coach. She also like to run. Lima added: “I notice that my body really transforms from even just 30 minutes (of running) a day. If you don’t like doing it, find something to motivate you—cute new workout clothes, an amazing playlist, a great scenic path or a (fitness) buddy.”

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[Image from Instagram – Lily Collins looks healthy on the beach.]

Lily Collins

Food & Drink: The actress sticks to an eating plan that allows indulgences but not overindulging. That way, you can eat your favourite foods and fend off weight gain.

Fitness: Collins also loves to dance. She said: “I recently started doing some dance classes at Body by Simone (dance studios based in LA and NYC.) You feel really empowered and it’s fun even if you don’t know all the dance moves. When you leave you feel so incredible.”

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[Image from Instagram – Lea Michele does a morning spin class.]

Lea Michele

Food & Drink: The Glee star, says balance is essential. She eats vegan at home, vegetarian on the road and meat when she can be sure that it’s responsibly sourced. She told Woman’s Health: “I love eating, but I eat what fuels me. And if it’s not gonna fuel me, then it’ll fuel my soul—like pizza.”

Fitness: She’s a fan of Soul Cycle – a fun way to burn calories on a bike whilst bopping to music. Also, she likes hiking. She added: “I’m really close with Becca [Tobin], who was on Glee with me, and we go hiking all the time. I hike on trails about four times a week; I love being outside.”