What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Lindsay Judge   |   07 - 10 - 2019

If you’ve wanted whiter teeth but have never been sure where to start, Dr Sofia at Euromed Clinic Center is your key to success for getting sparkly whites



When it comes to teeth whitening it’s often hard to know where to begin. Should I do it at home? How much will it cost? Will it hurt? How white do I want to go? These are just some of the questions we had, so we decided to find out more.


Dr Sofia, Dentist at Euromed Clinic Center is an expert in cosmetic dentistry. She is one of the only dentists in the Middle East to hold a Master of Science in Lasers in Dentistry and is the one of the only dentists in the UAE to be a Digital Smile Design specialist meaning she can give you the ultimate smile. Dr Sofia offers two types of whitening; at-home tray whitening and in-clinic laser treatment. The two are very different but offer similar results over varying periods of time. If you decide to opt for a combination of the two treatments this gives the best longest-lasting results.


Dr Sofia


Before you make the decision Dr Sofia will guide you through the options – and don’t forget to ask her for her at home remedies to cleaner and whiter teeth as she has some great secrets to share!



The in-clinic laser teeth whitening treatment consists of two or three appointments. During the first, Dr Sofia will clean and polish your teeth to ensure they are sparkling and ready for the treatment. If you have sensitive gums you may be asked to come back at a later date, otherwise part two of the treatment can be done within the same session.


Once your teeth are nice and clean you’re ready to begin the whitening process. The recommended laser treatment consists of two sessions of twenty minutes, usually done on separate days. The whitening session begins with Dr Sofia explaining the process. In-clinic whitening provides fast results thanks to 33 per cent strength hydrogen peroxide in the formula. This is very strong, much stronger than anything you can use at home, so your gums have to be protected while the whitening takes place. Dr Sofia will first place a gum shield inside your mouth to protect your gums. This is followed by the placement of the whitening gel on your upper and lower teeth. Next a UV light will be placed in front of your mouth and you wait for 20 minutes while the whitening takes place. Don’t worry you won’t get bored, you’ll be able to watch anything you want on You Tube while waiting for the process to finish.



After 20 minutes Dr Sofia will remove the gel and gum guard and you will see there is an instant result! After the first session your teeth won’t be as white as the final result but there will be a significant difference in colour. We will be completely honest, this isn’t a pain-free process. If you have particularly sensitive teeth they can react during the treatment and in the hours after the whitening takes place. It’s can be quite painful so be sure to be prepared with Ibuprofen and rubbing Sensodyne toothpaste into your gums is a great help too! The pain will ease after a few hours and in a few days you’ll be ready to go back for your second session where you’ll get to see the final result.


Once your two sessions of whitening are complete, the results should last for a good few months. What Dr Sofia advises however is to complement the in-clinic whitening process with at home whitening trays. This way, you will have your own method of whitening at home, allowing you to top up your teeth in between sessions. In a follow up appointment Dr Sofia will take and impressions of your teeth and create moulds so that you can take your whitening kit home with you. And voila you’ll have your long-lasting Hollywood smile!


Digital Smile Design

For those looking for a more accurate smile enhancing experience Digital Smile Design combines science, technology and art so that your dentist can create your perfect smile. This unique technique uses advanced software, and the classic beauty guidelines of Leonardo Da Vinci, to suggest teeth shapes that will complement your face shape. During a consultation your smile will be photographed in detail so that you can work with Dr Sofia to create a digital preview of your dream smile. From this temporary teeth mock-ups are created so that you can wear them for a few days and test out your new look. Depending on what you’re looking for DSD can provide you with a combination of whitening, veneers, fillings, crowns and more.


Euromed Clinic offers three options of teeth whitening:

  1. Home teeth whitening kit (requires clinic visit to take impressions for trays):  AED 2,000.
  2. In-clinic teeth whitening (requires two visits); AED 2,500 for a package of 2 appointments, or AED 1,500 if purchased as single sessions.
  3. Home kit plus one in-clinic treatment: AED 3,000.

All prices are starting from and are exclusive of VAT.


For further details, call 04 394 5422 or visit www.euromedclinicdubai.com www.facebook.com/EuroMed.Clinic.Dubai



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