10 questions for the international style icon Olivia Palermo in an exclusive collaboration with Piaget

Hershey Pascual   |   06 - 04 - 2016

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Olivia Palermo established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of style. Whether sitting front row at the world’s biggest couture shows, or casually walking through the streets of her hometown New York City, the international style icon always gets it right, with an innate talent for spotting trends and making them hers, adding her inimitable personal touch. Elegant, modern, fresh and daring, she incarnates the woman of today. Always on the go, she continuously perfects and enriches her style gaining inspiration from her international travels. At once model, creative director, designer, and an inspiration to millions of women around the world, she is a brand ambassador for Piaget and she perfectly embodies the spirit of the Possession woman.

“My love for jewellery started at an early age,” she said. Seduced by the addicting ritual of the iconic jewellery line, Olivia Palermo picked her favourite selection of rings, pendants, bangles and earrings and created memorable looks from the collection. She added: “I love the bangles, stacking them is very chic”.

She acting as her own stylist on set on the Piaget photoshoot. Her inspiration resulted in surprising looks, modern combinations and daring ways of wearing Piaget Possession. Clipping a single earring on top of her ear lobe, stacking bangles on her wrist, layering pendants, she offers a fresh take on the collection showcasing its versatility. The pictures, shot by her husband, model and photographer Johannes Huebl, translate both the intimate chemistry of the power couple and her distinctive personal style.

The style icon takes centre stage in a behind the scenes clip where she playfully enjoys combining pieces of the collection. Consciously or unconsciously, she delves into the addictive ritual, the simple gesture of making the rings turn, instantly taking us to her world with her captivating stare, dynamic energy and contagious smile.

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How important is jewellery when styling an outfit?

Jewellery can really elevate an outfit. I select jewellery after I am dressed as the final touch to complete my look. With the right piece, you can make a simple outfit stand out. It adds a lot of personality.

When did your love for jewellery start and where does it come from?

My love of jewellery started at an early age. I remember watching my mom and my aunt get ready and they both had beautiful vintage collections. I also enjoyed going to the antique road shows, trade shows and action houses where I was able to see beautiful vintage pieces.

For the Piaget Possession collection, the saying is: “Turn, and the world is yours.”  How does this sentence resonate with you?

To me this means keep reaching for your dreams and you can make them reality. 

What gives you the energy to always keep moving forward?

My family and friends keep me pretty encouraged and humble at the same time. Spending time with them is precious and regenerating.  

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What is your definition of an independent woman?

An independent woman is completely self-reliant. She can accomplish anything based on her own talent and dedication.

What is your best source of inspiration?

I travel a lot, and throughout my travels I encounter so many different people and get to experience many different cultures. My travel experiences inspire me. 

Can you name three women who inspired you?

My mom, my aunt Barbara, my right hand woman. And all of the stylish women I see on the streets of cities such as London, NYC, Japan, Paris, ect.

Where is your favorite place to spot new trends? 

Definitely Tokyo, Japan.

What do you like most about the Possession collection?

The versatility of the Piaget Possession collection is admirable. It’s very playful and I can have a lot of fun dressing the pieces up or down. 

What are your best tips on how to style the Possession collection?

I love the Possession bangles, stacking them is very chic. You can wear them with jeans and then turn them into the perfect accessory with a dress and heels. 

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