Morning Coffee with CEO and Founder of the Edit Rumana Nazim

Hayley Kadrou   |   27-03-2019

Rumana Nazim joined the A&E team for Morning Coffee as she talked through everything from her morning routine to her biggest achievement.


After seven years working as a lawyer, Rumana Nazim finally took the brave step to leave her successful career to make her dream project a reality.


In May 2018, the entrepreneur opened The Edit, and concept store and lifestyle space in Dubai that allows people to shop, sip away on coffee, ponder over artworks and learn something new at a workshop all under one roof.


And speaking to the A&E team over Morning Coffee, the Founder and CEO explained that her plans going forward are only to expand and continue to grow the community she’s already built.



Watch the full interview with Rumana above and find out what we learned chatting with her below.

Five Things We Learned Talking To Rumana Nazim Over Morning Coffee


Rumana Nazim left her job as a lawyer to launch The Edit

Rumana Nazim left her job as a lawyer to launch The Edit


Never be scared of a career change


The Edit Founder told us: “I was a lawyer for seven and a half years at a multinational company, but while I loved what I was doing I felt like it was time for me to add something new to the retail landscape of the UAE… It came to me a while ago and I didn’t think that then it would end up with my leaving that career but life has its funny turns.”


Making a reality of dreams is her biggest achievement 


The CEO said: “Launching… against all odd! When you’re a lawyer it’s hard to imagine doing something like this. Actually putting my dreams into a reality and making something like this was pretty incredible.”


It’s okay to be inspired by yourself


“Don’t we draw inspiration from everyone, everywhere? I find people inspiring in so many different ways. But maybe also myself… ” Rumana said after saying that picking just one person that inspires her is hard. “I like drawing inspiration from myself and where I come from.”


Cliché are clichés because they are true


When asked what her personal and professional mottos, Rumana made the above statement before saying: “Hard work… It’s as simple as that. If you work hard and enjoy what you’re doing you are bound to be successful. It’s putting in the time and putting in the hours.”


Systemic patriarchy…


Is what she says no to. “I’m a massive feminist so… sexism against women. I believe in feminist, a modern look on feminist – not Germaine Greer’s burning bra type of feminism – but one that gives equal opportunity to men and woman, one that doesn’t value one over the other or take away from one another.”



Rumana Nazim

Rumana Nazim joined A&E for Morning Coffee


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